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  • Floor/Room Layout Techniques

    Hi all,
    I am going through a floor plan redesign on our haunt and I started wondering how everyone else does this. I have read about the triangle grid system and about the heavy use of 90 and 180 turns to minimize cross group scaring. I have also read about using carpet on the floor so the panels will stay put better and drawn the layout on the floor with sidewalk chalk just before you install the wall panels. The main this I want to know is how does everyone get started? You have a blank sheet of paper and an empty warehouse. Where do you start? I have built a few of these now but it just seams to be the most challenging part of doing the haunts for me.
    Do you guys start with a specific scare or prop and totally build the room around that?
    Do you use auto-cad on the computer. Paper or just go at putting up walls to see what works? (right now I use !Punch ProPlatinum Home builder)
    Do you build a maze first and work the walls around to fit rooms and scare boxes?
    I try to make each area stick with the theme of the back story and that makes it harder.
    Any suggestions are welcome!
    Randell - - - - - - - -

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    I just made a scale of the building I might be using. 40' by 60' and go on from their using a ruler and scaleing it to size. I go through about 5 sheets of paper starting over when I see a good place to fit a scene with still having maximum room.


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      I'm definitely no expert and this year's location was a real challenge for me. But, the first thing I did was to create the emergency/actors aisle no less than four feet from the inner walls. Since you said you have a warehouse, it would probably look like a large box inside your building sitting four feet from the warehouse walls. Next, I choose where my entrance door would be and my exit door. That way you know what end you're going to begin your drawing on.

      I'm old school, so I do all my drawing on graph paper -- this year using a drafting ruler (3/32 = 1.0'). It was a great help and kept my drawing size down to a perfect size. What you draw in will depend on what your storyline is and the rooms you have lined up for it. It's easier to write out what order your rooms will come in before you start on your floorplan -- it gives you direction.

      Our location this year has carpet, so just this past Saturday, the crew measured and mapped out the floorplan with masking tape. Now, assembly will be MUCH easier.

      I think the main trick is to just dive in there and do it. For me, my floorplans seem to take on a life of their own once I begin. It's as though it chooses which direction it desires to go and so far, it's worked pretty well.

      Good luck, Honey!