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Looking for Haunt Work in Central Florida

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  • Looking for Haunt Work in Central Florida

    Hello Haunters!
    The last few years my career has made it difficult to work on Haunt items. Starting last year I have started Freelancing full time which gives me a lot more freedom and will allow me to get back into Haunting.

    I am looking for any haunts in the Davenport/Orlando area that are looking for some tech help. I am open to relocation but it would require the right location and would have to be a decent salary range for my Girlfriend (Experienced Lighting Designer/ME, open to working together also) and I to move.

    My experience is over 20 years working in Theater, Haunt, and Amusement Parks. I have a varied experience that spans Lights, Audio, IT, Programming, Automation, Design, Management, and Troubleshooting and Repair.

    Please feel free to check out my online resume that lists all of my skills (quite a few!) at
    I am available in a very flexible schedule, and if I know I am needed I can be available full time during the season.

    I am hoping to find a place that is currently in build/operation and I could get started right away.

    Unfortunately I am not able to volunteer much, though my pay rates are negotiable and I am willing to go way under what a tech with my experience is worth for the right location!

    So if you are looking for some tech assistance please reach out
    Thanks and Haunt On!