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  • Great source of haunted themes...

    Anyone who has seen a lot of good haunts or read the best horror stories knows that H.P. Lovecraft has influenced both. The early 20th century pulp writer is considered the father of modern horror, continuing to inspire many of our best horror flicks, including Alien, The Thing, Hellboy, They Live, The Mist, and many others. Some of the best haunts in the industry draw inspiration from Lovecraft, especially my personal favorite, Netherworlds. So if you want some great ideas for haunted themes and scenes, read H.P. Lovecraft!

    For those short of time, however, there's also the trading card series currently on Kickstarter. The art is fantastic and the stories engrossing, but there's only a few more days left in the campaign.

    You can get a taste of Lovecraft's nightmarish vision from this :90 second spot though. He really was a magnificent macabre story teller!

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    Thanks to everyone who pledged. We reached $10,658.00, which just HAPPENS to be exactly 666% funding. Coincidence? I think NOT!
    (And there's still ten hours left in the campaign.) Yee-haw!