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Passing of a Legend. RIP Mr. Phil Morris

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  • Passing of a Legend. RIP Mr. Phil Morris

    So sad to see that Mr. Phil Morris has passed away. What a true pioneer and a gentleman, he will forever be remembered as a man who contributed greatly to the growth of this industry.


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    That sucks! I'm really sorry to hear that. Larry
    Larry Kirchner


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      He was a real pioneer for us all. Few here realize or appreciate the fact that besides outfitting so many haunts as they started out with his GIANT Morris Costumes store/ website, he was also was one of the classic Spook Show magicians. He traveled around from theater to theater in the 1950s and 60s to terrorized millions with his macabre magic shows. They were essentially traveling haunted houses, live on stage. The only real difference was that the audience was sitting down in chairs watching it live, instead of walking through it. And of course, he wrote one of the early books on haunts, "How to Operate a Financially Successful Haunted House". He also bought Mark Walkers "Ghost Masters" book on the spook show days, and published it in paperback, offering it pretty cheap in his Morris Costume catalog (until it sold out). That's a great book, and Morris was the youngest Spook magician featured in that book.

      On a personal note, Phil was always friendly to magicians and haunters who visited Morris Costumes anytime they rolled in, announced or otherwise. His business was so big, he didn't need to take that time or effort, but he did it anyway-- just because he loved the magic and haunt biz and enjoyed the people in it. (He always snatched the check for lunch or dinner, too. A real class act!) His warehouse is GIANT, and I mean HUGE. You can't see to the other side, it's so far, and STUFFED with costumes, props, EVERYTHING. We've lost a real jewel of the crown.


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        I found this making monsters youtube vid that shows just how huge the Morris warehouse is....They even have a full haunted house in the basement!....RIP Mr Morris......ZR


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          Thanks Zombie Raider. Those are some great shots of the endless warehouse. (I could have sworn I saw The Ark of the Covenant in there somewhere!) But one minor correction. There is no basement there. The Morris haunt is at their older storefront location. It's five to ten minutes away from their mega-property.


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            Philip Morris's grandson? just mentioned in an interview that they are selling the haunted house @ the 2:12 mark....I bet they have props that are no longer on the market....If only I had won that half a billion dollar lottery.....ZR