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Clown Circus Carnival ideas?

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  • Clown Circus Carnival ideas?

    Still brainstorming a circus carnival theme. I was thinking side show? red white stripes, banners, what type of rooms? Thanks

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    Just be aware, there is a HUGE percentage of people that do NOT like clowns. We have people every night that ask "..are there clowns?". Clowns..yes,!

    If this is a secondary show, maybe, your only show could be a concern. Another haunt has 3 attractions, one was circus themed. It was always it's lowest attended attraction. They changed the theme, just pure economics.
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      Understood, We did the same we don't have clowns and we had them in the final room of the haunt or stalking. We actually had increase in attendance when we had the clowns. We were thinking since last year was a big clown sighting year we were going to make this as what happened to all those clowns last year etc still brainstorming. This year you also have IT and AHS cult with clowns.


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        There are a lot of circus/carnival rooms out there. Perhaps you could differentiate yours by setting your circus in a specific era (Roaring 20s, hippie 60s, neon 80s, etc.)? Or perhaps a different country (Russia, Brazil, etc.)? Or perhaps your circus does not originate on planet Earth (an alien circus). The circus idea is done so often, it might be cool to differentiate yourself. Best of luck to you!


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          great idea maybe 20s circus theme.


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            here ya go...

            Larry Kirchner


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              That is awesome. We are still brainstorming we might not do the full carnival circus theme and more of a "what happened to all of the clowns that were sighted last year"