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  • Got all your orders yet? Endof July Tick Tock Tick Tock

    So it is July 26; 4 months after Transworld . Got my Frightprops, Poison Props, Haunted Enterprises and Distortions stuff long ago. Some stragglers out there though. Still time; but these next 2 weeks I am expecting a lot to arrive. One company called me to apologise BEFORE I contacted them about delay. Seems a lot of you haunters out there ordered a bunch of stuff from them and they were surprised how many orders they had to fill. THATS THE WAY TO DO IT! Kudos to Decimated Designs for letting me know stuff will be here no problem! (going to have fun with their SCARE IN A BOX & the BUDDY BOX -video/audio with water misting pairing it up withmy new Poison Toxic Twitcher) One...well I havent heard boo from them. Two others....well it will be here soon. Ok I heard that in March...but I have hope.

    Wicked Farmer

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    Still waiting....

    Finaly Got through to one company that all I had was a email receipt. Seems they did not get the measurements they needed on costume I was ordering...hmmmmm. But I am still waiting to see pics of stilt costumes samples that were going to be provided. And as of Aug. 3rd their website under costumes still just says "coming soon". Yes I took a chance with several companies this year. Wanted to "spread it around". Yesterday they were going to send pics via email right away. Called again today (you know maybe they didn't get email adress correct) . "Wife will send them in a little while". Checked email and junk mail at 7Pm; about 9 hours after talking on phone again. Still nothing.

    First parade we do is this Saturday....yeah no costume. Probably not next Sat either. How silly am I to expect I will see costume made this year; when website for costumes still says "coming soon' and they cant send any pics of stuff they have done?

    Wicked Farmer


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      I got pics!

      Yeah...the pics were of 4 costumes they had at Transworld that I saw in person. No sketches or anything done on making Jack Skelington/pumpkington the one I wanted custom. Silly me.

      Wicked Farmer
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        I won a light from Venom fx at the dont be a monster auction at TW. I thought I could pick it up at the show but when I went to their booth to pick it up they said they didnt have it and would ship it as soon as they got back to their shop. Its August and still no light. After reading your post about them Im really nervous about this company. Its not right that they take advantage of customers like this!!!
        Greg Allen


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          I think you will eventually get it

          I was supposed to pick up a light in St. Louis this year. "guys for got it-owner was pissed they forgot it". Would have it to me right after they got back from show. Well I suppose compared to human existence span on earth we are still right after the March show... BUT I am actually facebook friends with owner now and I see he has faced MANY personal problems lately. They say you make a quality blade by thrusting it in the fire and berating the piss out of it. I think he is going to come through; and be a quality blade.

          Wicked Farmer
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            I tracked Chris down on FB today and messaged him to remind him I was still waiting for my light that I need to finish one of my escape rooms for a special event on Aug.19th. He said he would send it out asap but didnt give me any time frame so we will see where that leads.
            Greg Allen


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              We ordered stuff from several companies. Only one company so far has delivered. I sent out emails to all of them yesterday no reply yet. However I called Ghost Ride today and he told me he's not even taking orders anymore he's so busy. But he said we'd get our order soon. Gore Galore mailed us something we are getting it today. Hopefully all this stuff starts coming in.

              Larry Kirchner


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                "I sent out emails to all of them yesterday no reply yet."

                Darn you Larry! I just sprayed my morning coffee all over my computer screen. Thinking you would here back from them already...THAT IS FUNNY! I have managed to get through to a newer vendor and a email conversation has several days between responses from them; even when I reply to them in minutes.

                Wicked Farmer
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                  Kevin from Gore Galore...

                  Kevin has a facebook page something of a haunt vendor review. Everyone should take a look. THIS COULD BE ABUSED SO TAKE IT WITH GRAIN OF SALT. Everyone has a screw up now and then....even Wicked Farmer. But this is getting so out of hand and I have been contemplating something for a couple years now. Partly why I ordered several things from companies I did not know; to see how orders transpired; and get a handle on the problem. looks like I will be going to my next phase for 2018 Transworld show based on dealings of last two years. One company I ordered from...all I got was an email receipt showing how much I put on credit card THAT IS IT! No balnce shipping time...not even a damn description of order. And I do not even need to tell you how that order is coming along do I!

                  So for next Transworld; I am going to converse with a couple prop makers who do it right and come up with a generic order form haunt owners can print off and take to the show and have filled out by prop makers who lack business finese. Maybe smooth out the process of getting the cool props from makers into hands of haunted attraction owners. It will have stuff like a blank for cell number of prop maker etc. When prop should be done. IT WILL ALSO have a blank for haunt owner to fill out. When would item be used.....a parade in July....haunt in mid Sept etc.

                  Lets put it this way; I tried to "spread it around" but I am tired of the way it has been going. I rather try to help the problem we have in industry then just write off prop makers getting started smooth out communications and delivery.

                  Wicked Farmer


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                    We have made several orders from companies such as Gore Galore and Frightprops, and some Distortions stuff through a third party I think. All was ok except GG and they gave a very prompt refund and all was good.

                    This year was our first TW visit and I promised I'd only buy floor models and take them home... because I've seen so many people have different issues with various vendors. So we came across a werewolf from CreepyCollection that my partner HAD TO HAVE. We thought "Shoot, this would be a great photo-op" So we went to buy it, it was JUST SOLD.... so after talking with Jerry's sales rep, he was very expressive of how well we'd be taken care of and how we needn't worry. Paid some down on werewolf, paid it off a month or so later. We called to pay it off, partner spoke with Jerry and had a pleasant conversation, he was very friendly and talkative even though he was so busy. It wasn't a "Ok, thanks for money bye!" kinda deal.

                    Several emails, FB messages, one or two voicemails, and even more attempted calls that went straight to voicemail which was full.... NADA! Now I understand he's busy and had employee issues, but even though we are very small and made an order for ONE PROP.... we still expect a response.. that IS $800 after all!!

                    So no, Wickedfarmer, we haven't gotten our order in and we are very nervous and upset. We have a parade coming up in a few weeks and the zombie we bought for the zombie truck, his base broke and can't use him in truck, we NEED that werewolf to put in the truck for the parade.... We're not mad at Jerry personally, but it is a complete reflection on the business and I don't foresee us ordering again from CC.


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                      Did everybody catch that......"This year was our first TW visit and I promised I'd only buy floor models and take them home... because I've seen so many people have different issues with various vendors."

                      Let that sink in.

                      Now I know it goes both ways. I have held used props for buyers who never buy. And you see Wicked Farmer list the same used prop 2 years in a row as a result...(must be junk if he cant sell that Juneau Studios Alien Incineration Barrel; he listed that last year...same for his Corpse Extender from D.C. Props). Yeah I held for buyers who never came through.

                      And come Aug. I bet a prop maker falling behind dreads phone ringing and could spend all their time responding to inquiries.

                      But something has to improve. I am not saying I have all the answers; but I confess I have the tenacity of a pit bull to latch onto something and shake it till I see results. Buyers only taking floor models and not writing orders is a very very bad course for industry to start down.

                      Wicked Farmer


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                        "I have the tenacity of a pit bull to latch onto something and shake it till I see results"

                        Yeah, but with a Pit Bull, those results are usually death.... :P (that's a joke, I know some huge babies that are pits and they're wonderful pets, any Pit-Defenders don't get yer panties in too big a wad there)

                        I've been in business, mostly retail, for many years. Mostly with a PC / Phone shop, some retail merch, car shop etc. I have NEVER seen "this" before, until I got into this industry, I mean, REALLY into it... meaning, paying attention to the events such as Transworld etc.

                        No, I get you about the phone ringing off the hook, ESPECIALLY if your "phone help" is gone or something... but when I ran a business, if people needed contacting, I FOUND TIME to sit down, and make those calls and emails. Because frankly, me being behind, was MY ISSUES, not my customers. My customers never had to wait due to me being busy. And let me tell you, in the computer world, OH. MY. GAWD! DO NOT let "Aunt Margie" go two days without her computer....

                        But at the same time, why is it so? Why are so many vendors in THIS industry, seemingly alone, having so many issues? Farmer I think you got a great idea, but I think it starts with identifying WHY these issues are happening. If it's solely because Vendor XYZ is getting his feet wet, and biting off more than he can chew and deep down knows he's never going to fulfill all the orders, nor make phone calls, nor answer emails etc, then what CAN we do to circumvent that?

                        Again, I'm new to this side of the industry and I have been trying to go slow, be more patient than ever and be understanding, but at the same time... THIS IS BUSINESS. At which point does it get back on track? Who knows, you may very well be onto something there.


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                          Oh and I just caught this last line too after I posted.

                          "Buyers only taking floor models and not writing orders is a very very bad course for industry to start down."

                          ABSOLUTELY! FOR BOTH, Vendors AND Buyers.