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  • Escape Room timed ticketing

    We're looking to add a short escape room as an additional attraction. Since we can only take a set number of people through at a time, thinking we would have to do a timed ticket. It could be a simple as a set number of tickets for each time frame. When you purchase your haunt tickets you get escape room for the next available slot. So it may be 7:20 but your escape room entry is 8:15. Looking for potential issues or a better way of doing it.

    Those of you doing the additional escape rooms, what kind of issues have you run into? Any suggestions to bypass potential problems?
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    I think most of the people last year did it first come first serve... when I was at Ben's place they bought a ticket and waited in line. But you can do it that way sure... btw Fear Ticket can do it!!! Larry
    Larry Kirchner