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3 min Escape Room class at TW

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  • 3 min Escape Room class at TW

    Are you a haunt owner? Could you use an additional 15 - $20,000 in sales with minimal expense? We tested the three minute escape room concept in 2014 at the ScareAtorium and it has been a very profitable experience. We charge $5 per person per room and theyve been so successful, we now have four of them. Im going to share our plans during a seminar at Transworld on Friday, March 24 from 11:30 12:30 on how to operate a 3 Minute Escape room. Ill share one of our designs for a room and explain how they operate. The cost is just $50 to learn how to add the newest entertainment concept to your attraction and increase your sales profitability.


    Kelly Collins, the ScareAtorium

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    There is an article about this very subject in the new hauntworld magazine that just arrived on our door today.

    Get a subscription

    Ben wrote it and talks about how well he did with this concept.

    Larry Kirchner


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      When is the new Hauntworld Magazine being mailed? We plan on building a 3 minute escape room.


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        Hey Kelly,
        I went to your seminar a few years back at MHC on the 3 minute escape room. Is this the same seminar or are there new insights on this?
        I noticed Ben is also on the list. Your last one was very helpful will this new seminar benefit as well?
        Thank you,
        Greg Allen


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          Hi Greg, the seminar is similar, but this time I'm sharing plans for Cut-throat Cabin. Last time I taught the class, I shared plans for RIP's Boxcar. Also including more learning from 3 years of operating escape rooms, we have four of them now. Also going to share an idea for an escape room for outdoor haunts. Ben is going to share his success with a 3 minute escape room. He sat in my class about a year ago and decided to build his own and so he's going to share how successful it has been for him.

          Thanks for attending the class and hopefully you'll start your 3 min escape room this year!



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            Get the latest edition of Hauntworld Magazine. Ben Armstrong wrote an amazing article about how to create 3 minute escape rooms.


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              Just as a follow up the article was excellent! Thank you Ben!!


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                Any chance I can get some of the info?

                Hey Kelly! I was unable to attend Transworld but I'd love to gain some of your knowledge on 3-minute escape rooms!
                Any chance I can get a copy of your talk?

                I've also ordered the latest copy of Hauntworld magazine and am anxiously awaiting it's delivery!

                Thanks all,


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                  This is going to be REALLY SCARY!

                  Larry Kirchner