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  • Name this new haunt

    close view of side:front school.jpg
    Help me name this new haunt. Looking for a one or two word catchy name.
    George Maser 864-761-7223, For the fastest response please call or text! (I talk much better than I type)

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    What's the history of the building? What town is it in? Are you going for a certain theme?

    Might help with coming up with something.
    Zach Wiechmann


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      This building was built in 1925 as an elementary school. Closed in 1956. It is in Central Virginia in a town where one of the last civil war battles was fought. Brick building with cement walls, floors and ceilings. Former bomb shelter. 3 acres of parking. In reasonable shape for it's age. It was bought at auction in 1986 by a man who kept his trash trucks and stored dumpsters on the property. (I don't think "The Haunted Dump" would draw a ton of customers)
      Side story - in 2009 the mans family was killed by "Psycho Sam" with a hammer and an ax. For real. He was working at the time so escaped the massacre. Good ol' Sammy killed himself in prison around 2011.
      Any suggestions welcome.
      George Maser 864-761-7223, For the fastest response please call or text! (I talk much better than I type)


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        I love the building. I can see a ton of potential in making it looks incredible. I'd call it HELL HOUSE... there was a movie that I still like by the same name. You know in a lot of ways it looks like it could be turned into a hospital as well... I think what you do to the exterior and area's around the house will determine a name. Cool building!!! Larry
        Larry Kirchner


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          Great building!

          Maser Estate?
          Unholy High?
          The Institution?
          Tyler's Expulsion? (or any Gen-X name)
          Corporal Punishment (can you tell I went to Catholic School?)


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            Haunty McHauntface. *wink wink*
            How can a man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temple of his gods.

            What you put into your mind- you put into your life.



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              Oh my god... That is a beautiful building I would looovee to go to work on that... Have fun haunting it.
              - Ethan Hall, EEK Productions Owner/Operator


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                Do you have an urban legend story for it yet? I think if you create the backstory for the haunted house this may inspire the name.