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Shaker cans?

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  • Shaker cans?


    What's the best way to make shaker cans? I know you cut a can open but how do you reseal it? Duct tape?

    Thanks for suggestions or feedback.


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    Shaker cans

    I found metal cans work better than aluminum. Drop in some old nuts and bolts and duct tape closed. I have about a dozen wired to a chicken wire panel with black curtains hiding the monster behind it. It makes a terrible racket, everybody screams and my monster can move on behind the wall to the next scare where he whips aside the curtain and they finally get to see him. Cheap, easy, works every time.
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      We have an industrial/haunted ship theme and we use 1.5 gallon plastic gas cans filled with chain link and heavy gauge bolts. It is easy enough to feed them through the neck of the gas can and then twist the screw on lid back on to keep them contained. These are also very easy for our actors to work with as they are reasonably comfortable to hold for long periods.


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        do you have any video of how they sound etc.