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    Originally posted by Haunted Mansion View Post
    I'm not interested in a two hour long discussion. It shouldn't be that long. I think if you are having trouble selling tickets its because the length not the title. No seminar should be more than an hour or 90 minutes. I'm not buying a ticket.
    That is an interesting take on why not to go. is it because you think that is too long to absorb the info, there isn't enough info to fill two hours, or just sitting for the two hours is unpleasant?
    Jared Layman


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      I totally agree with you NO ONE wants to sit around for 2 hours and listen to anyone talk. People want to be on the show floor seeing cool and exciting things. Seminars in general have been on the downward spiral because there is so much info for FREE on the web. With that being said seminars can be valuable if you get the RIGHT person doing it. The future of haunting is a really bad topic and 2 hours is just 30 to 60 minutes to long.

      That is why no one is signing up for the thing... it should be cancelled.

      I personally think it should have just been a 2 hour q/a nothing more or less.

      It should still be that but only at 90 minutes.


      PS SIGN UP FOR MY SEMINAR because I actually am going to help your business. If you miss it you a are a total FOOL! LOL
      Larry Kirchner


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        I don't have a problem with the length of the seminar, nor do I have an issue with the subject matter or the speakers. I was asking the other guy why he thought it was too long. In all the years I have been to the show I've never actually attended any of the seminars so I don't even have an opinion on how long one should be. I will say that I respect anyone that takes the time to put on or speak at a seminar. Anyone that takes the time to try and help and/or share knowledge should be commended.

        This year I have signed up to attend one seminar to see what I have been missing all these years.
        Jared Layman


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          The Future Of Haunting Facebook Page

          This panel was given two hours because it is highly unusual, may never happen again, that 5 of the most successful haunters in the history of haunting are willing and able to get together, on an open Q&A panel. two hours is long for us too. But we are there for you. other haunters, not ourselves, to help you, to answer your questions, to help you solve your problems, your challenges, to inspire you with ideas and to help you to think bigger, outside the box! If I were a haunter, this would be the one panel I wouldn't miss all weekend, as it should be one of the most valuable.

          As for me not belonging on this panel, well, the panel is actually titled the Past, Present and Future of Haunting. I was going to be at Transworld for the first time in many years and I was invited to sit on this panel. Rocky Point started in 1979. It was highly successful for 27 years. We helped pioneer this industry. I have nothing to prove. I've already done that...I do, however, have a lot to offer, as we all do, but it is up to you to come prepared to get what you need from me and us. Do your homework, get your questions ready.

          Successful entrepreneurs do not predict the future, they create it! I closed my show at a peak moment because I was ready to create a new future for myself. I saw that new future clearly and am moving towards it.

          We are willing to give of our two hours because we have all been blessed and want to, as we always have, give back. I am there to give back. That's the future and it's always been my way. I hope that in the time I have with you on the panel and over the weekend I can help you see to your future more clearly and by sharing with you the many ways and tools I used to create Rocky Point's success help you move towards it.

          In the meantime, I have already been posting some really valuable and interesting articles on the Facebook page I created for the panel. I hope you take the time to visit it and see if there are some things that inspire you. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

          See you all soon. I'm looking forward to it. CN