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2016 Transworld Pre-sale

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  • 2016 Transworld Pre-sale

    If you are interested in pre-purchasing some Gore Galore Floor Models this year to be taken directly off the Transworld Halloween and Attractions show floor at the show price. Please contact us immediately via phone 812-622-0088 or email at Things tend to go quickly.

    Transworld 2016 Pre- SALE List

    Slither AOA617
    Possum AOA649
    Croc AOA622
    Dragon AOA632
    Wild Gore AOA634
    Saw Blade AOA631
    Honkers AOA624
    Mollusk AOA619
    Plant Monster AOA620
    Wolf AOA647

    Mr. Tickles AOA646 SOLD
    Zompyre AOA638
    Silverwolf AOA643
    Netherspawn AOAgr1144
    Pestilence Possible

    Saw table A1610
    Wood Chipper Table A1613
    Shredder w/Speaker KIT1512sp

    Giant Costumes
    Reaper w/SC CS1109
    Caustic Clown w/SC CS1124
    Goblin w/SC CS1125
    Cletis Slackjaw w/SC CS1137
    Swamp Hag w/SC CS1126
    Pestilence w/SC Possible
    Happy Scarecrow CS1146
    Evil Scarecrow CS1145

    Helmet Costumes
    Dragon Priest w/SC HC2001

    Barrel Toppers
    Spilled Head Barrel Topper GD1424
    Severed Head Barrel Topper GD1423
    Intestine Barrel Topper GD1422
    Bone Barrel Topper GD1406

    Grinder KIT1500
    Severed Head on Block KIT1513
    Kevin R. Alvey
    info at


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    several items sold

    Several pieces have now been sold
    Saw Actormatronic SOLD
    Wolf Actormatronic SOLD
    Wild Gore SOLD
    Mister Tickles Grabber SOLD

    But still a ton to choose from, but something sells most every day,

    So, if you want to pick up floor models at the show price and also not have to pay for shipping consider pre-paying now so you can have what you want without having to wait potentially till Aug to receive it.
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    Kevin R. Alvey
    info at