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    Hello again.
    Since we have grown a lot since I posted the first post on this forum, I thought I should make a timeline of Mortemmania`s existence.
    First of all I will thank you all for posting your ideas, pictures and experiences and all of you that post how-to`s. it is you guys that have driven us to where we are now.

    Mortemmania is the name of our Hauntedhouse and our dramagroup (that specialize in haunt acting and building our haunt)
    In Norway Halloween is not so big yet, but it is coming more and more every year, so Mortemmania is still kind of a unique and innovative thing here. We know of a handfull of haunts in the Nordic countries and many of them is made for the kids in amusement parks.

    I start with a couple of pictures from our haunt in 2012, this is the year it really started to grow. We had done a couple of years prior to this, but that was just some garbage bag entrance with someone yelling boo on the locale "teenager club"
    I will also tell you how we built it this year. We also moved out into a garage complex this year, and I got to tell you: Norway in the end of October is a freezing experience

    Since we had a budget of about 200$ we marked out the route we wanted our guest to go and put up a 2"x2" pole in each end of the "hallway", since we blew our budget with only the 2x2 we got a roll of the plastic a hayballer use to make this and made our walls with.
    And yes we did know that this was not a smart thing to do, but it was the only way to create it. you can see a little glimpse of the WHITE plastic in the picture with the hands.

    Here is also a walk through video that maybe you guys have seen before

    This is what everything looked like in 2012
    hender.png IMG_9885.JPG odin2.png silje.png siljel.png

    Next post will be a little post of Mortemmania 2013.
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    Mortemmania 2013:

    After we had a blast in 2012 building it bigger outside we decided to "drumroll" build it even bigger and expand out of the garage complex. We planned out how we wanted it to be and how much we wanted/could expand. We did some calculations and found out that we was going to build it around 3000sq feet, and we had also decided that we was going to use pallets this year, but I can tell you to get so much pallets is not easy, since the most cargo pallets in Norway is reusable and have a price of about 10$ each.
    Finally we did find a company that did use a lot of disposable pallets and was more than happy to give them to us for free.

    This sight was like looking into a strange corner of heaven, I guess you guys know what corner I talk about.


    So we started to stack them and mark out the route. I think this picture is taken late August.

    halloween labyrint 2013_00003.jpg

    Here is a picture of the build when we start to expand out of the garage complex we built in last year (the one with the red roof) we did actually raise some eyebrows and people think we was crazy...


    When we started to be finished with this years build we had used over 500 pallets and a countless number of screws (I know we passed the 2000 mark)
    And this is what it looked like from a birds view. (remember I stand on the roof of the garage so you don`t see the part that is in there)


    This year we also started to use "advanced electronics" in our haunt and had PIR sensors trig various events around in the haunt. This year our budget was around 2000$ and we managed to order some stuff from America, here is a picture of our centralized controller system. The way it works is: PIR sensor is trigging the arduino board, the arduino board is trigging the 8 channel relay board, that trig the BooBox who also has its own 16 channel relay board. It sounds more complicated that it really is. this is what you get when you only can afford 1 controller and need to mix 5Volt and 12Volt cheap from Ebay. ( I guess there is a lot more ways to do it, but this worked for us that year)


    Next post I will include some of pictures of the crew that we have since a lot of our pictures was lost when a phone got jammed in the car door after the last night


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      Here are some pictures of the crew in 2013

      Image2.jpg Image6.jpg Image8.jpg Image13.jpg Image16.jpg


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        Some more pictures of the crew in 2013

        Image7.jpg Image11.jpg Image12.jpg Image17.jpg IMG_0396.JPG


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          In 2014 we did not have a haunt since nobody of us worked on the teenager club anymore and when Halloween came sneaking up on us it was a really empty year, we got a phone call that asked if we could make something for some 10 year old kids that was going to have a Halloween party on their school, and guess what 2 of us did, and I think some of the parents still is talking about that event

          That was when we decided that we should have a haunt in 2015. before the planning of the haunt started we had some requirements that had to be sorted out first, This year we did not want to use 1 pallet at all and we wanted it to be inside. Since we did knew we wanted to use 4x8 wall panels we had to start looking for sponsors for this years project, since we did know that this was going to need a lot bigger budget that we had earlier years.

          After a while we did find a fund we could send an application to that was giving away money to people who was creating activities for youth. After a while we got our application granted and received almost 4500$ and this was going to cover the cost of building the walls, it at least covered the price on the plywood so we had to fund the 2"x2" with other sponsors.
          We started out by making 100 frames of the 6600 feet of 2 by 2 we had purchased and just need to wait for the plywood and to return from our amazing trip to Hauntcon 2015 in Baton Rouge.

          we also need to mention that we needed to build the haunt of sight since we where going to use the local theatre/cinema to host our haunt this year.

          Here is a picture of a pile of 2" x 2"


          Picture of the finished frames after we came home from Hauntcon with some new mascots


          And finally the plywood arrived


          And let the building begin!



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            Thanks for sharing! I wanted to mention those pallets are extremely flammable. Be careful my friend!


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              Originally posted by gorezone View Post
              Thanks for sharing! I wanted to mention those pallets are extremely flammable. Be careful my friend!
              Yes I know that was one of the reasons we did not use them this year.
              Those pallets we used in 2013 in the maze was so wet and moist so I dont think you could light them


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                I put up some pictures from this years haunt so you can see what we used this year instead of pallets and plastic.
                We had 2.5 days from we started to move into this location to opening day
                Hope you enjoy

                Here is a picture of most of this years crew


                Overview picture


                Overview picture


                Overview picture from the tech. position



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                  Some pictures inside the rooms.






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                    Here is a timelapse of the setup in 2015.



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                      Here you can find a day time walk through



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                        I don't want to go to Cannibal Prison!

                        Originally posted by xcetera View Post
                        Here you can find a day time walk through

                        Haunt: DARK REALMS

                        Day job: Game Composer/Sound Designer

                        My "geek rock" band: Legendary nOObs