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Any home haunters have a street light in their yard? And home haunt advice

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  • Any home haunters have a street light in their yard? And home haunt advice

    Hello everyone, so for the last 15 or so years I have always been home haunting at my parents house. First started with a small yard display and then grew it to a large yard display. One year I had finally talked my mom into allowing me to run a haunted trail through her wooded garden in the backyard , and was fortunate to do it a second time last year.

    If I had it my way I would continue to do this year after year because the trick r treaters love it, BUT my wonderful mother always has anxiety about someone falling. I have always done things as a low scare as we have a lot of younger kids below the age of 10 that come through with their parents so we never chased anyone one or made them run.

    So I am currently thinking about doing my own yard instead of my parents and without the perfect wooded path, which I do not have. I do however have a rather large yard with 7 large maple trees, 3 in the front and 4 in the back. Not sure what to do as far as a yard display with live actors or a walk through around the house. My yard is considerably bigger than my parents and don't have enough cemetery fence to do the whole yard and probably won't have much of a budget to make more sections of fence. My house does have a pretty cool look though at night. Reminds me of the haunted mansion at my state fair as the outside color is the same as my house.

    I have always done a Cemetery theme because those are the props that I have and I also think it gives me the best setting. My biggest challenge haunting my own home would be the street light in the corner of my front yard. Looking for ideas and or suggestions.


    Mr. Haunt
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    corner ligth problem.


    For my first post, hope this helps you out.. finally managed to get my account set up..

    I have the same problem, and have often wondered what to do about it.
    had a few good ideas but read on another forum how to take care of this using 4 helium balloons
    and fly up a piece a black, light weight material to hide it all night.. just add a string to pull it back
    down when the night is over.. I'm going to do this and soooo enjoy hiding that light after all the years
    of swearing at it lol