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2015 HAUNTED OVERLOAD progress thread

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  • 2015 HAUNTED OVERLOAD progress thread

    It's time to start a new progress thread. I wanted to wait until I had enough to post. I like making these threads because it gives us something to look back on in chronological order. Any time the media asks me for an interview I always send them the link to the current thread. It saves me a lot of time explaining our projects, and history it's all right there lol!

    Old threads. It's fun to look back and see how far we have come. We still have a long way to go.

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    I started the season off designing T shirts.



    Big project this year is a haunted mansion. It has taken us a while to build up the budget for this. So the first thing was to design something that looked cool and had elements of many different victorian houses but still looked original and fit in the space we had. Very challenging in the middle of the woods. I used Photoshop to make a mock up using many different pieces and photos.

    Finished mock up.

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    Scale model and mock up.

    Laying it out in the snow. We got hammered this year so we started at least a month behind schedule.

    To get the height we need fast we used massive poles some as tall as 24 feet. These were tough getting in there. Very heavy.

    Starting is always tough. Digging holes and humping those beams is tiring but builds our stamina for the coming season.


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      Getting some height in this photo.

      Building the door.

      This was a late night. The smoke is really sawdust being blown off up top.

      It's hard to get the whole thing in the photo but it's getting there. Still a lot of work to go.

      Time lapse


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        In case anyone missed the new trailer I posted last year here it is. I think it looks cool. Time lapse by Artifact Images Haunt Photography.


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          Nothing short of amazing and I'm not talking about what you are building, but rather the fact you share with this industry so freely. Congrats to you and your creative team!


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            It's getting there. Much more detailing today with paint and adding the corbels around the roofline.
            That's a 40 foot ladder in the photo.


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              always love seeing ur pics sir...just awesome
              in order to see the orchestra must turn your back on the crowd...



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                Sometimes I don't know if your posts are inspiring, or depressing! Your work is just so damn good and abundant, it sometimes makes me feel like a talentless slacker. Keep it up!
                Haunt: DARK REALMS

                Day job: Game Composer/Sound Designer

                My "geek rock" band: Legendary nOObs


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                  If you don't mind me asking, are you guys paying retail for your lumber? I notice that you seem to use vast amounts of wood in your haunt.
                  Haunt: DARK REALMS

                  Day job: Game Composer/Sound Designer

                  My "geek rock" band: Legendary nOObs


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                    I am very lucky to have a guy with a saw mill right down the road. I can order gigantic custom beams for far less than retail. I could never do these things paying retail or even get the beams the size I need delivered at a price that would be worth it.


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                      That's it I'm coming this season. Where is this exactly what is the closest airport? What is the closet major city?


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                        Amazing! No doubt you are setting the mark for many to attempt to follow.


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                          Blasted it with light green transparent stain then black. Washing it off with a pump sprayer in spots gives it an aged look fast.

                          Looking pretty cool here. Looks better in person.

                          Corbels added in this photo. Still need to board up the lower level to look more haunted.

                          One of the inside rooms under work light in progress.


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                            OVERLOAD - Understatement

                            That Sir....KICKS ASS!