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Bad apples descend on St. Louis

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  • Bad apples descend on St. Louis

    Rotten to the core describes a bunch of those running amuck in St. Louis this past weekend. Shameful. Giving the group a bad name. That is picture I get from talking to security at hotel I stayed at for Transworld. Glad you haunters kept it so we are welcome back. But those little rotten kids in St. Louis for the Lego's Kids Fest...some of them were trouble makers it seems. Who would have thunk it...the kids with plastic building blocks were the real bad apples this last weekend.

    Wicked Farmer

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    Funny you say that because this year was pretty wild. On top of the endless events happening for the haunt show which wiped out us all it seems the convention center was buzzing with lego events, to some dance off competition. My experience with Lego was pretty funny there was a kid who got so scared seeing all the zombies they had a panic attack. I'm sure if Lego comes back they will ask not to co-locate with a haunted house show.

    I heard a lot of their guests got upset seeing all the monsters.


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      I saw a dancer passed out in the hallway out in the front of the show entrance. I heard she had a panic attack from some zombies running around in the hall. Someone from the show floor said there was a lot of haunted house people running around trying to scare people from the Lego convention. There might have been way to many actors at this years show dressed up. I think owners buy and you see them wearing blue jeans and t-shirts, while the haunt actors come dressed up and try to scare people.

      Maybe actors shouldn't come or Transworld should pass some rules that don't allow costume characters to roam the convention. I heard those Lego people was upset city and so was the dancer group.

      I really felt bad for the girl who got scared I know they called the paramedics. Who else saw that?


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        Any thoughts about all the break ins? I know of at least 14 vehicles with smashed windows during the trip.
        Mike Bizub

        Ghouls Gulch


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          scaring the little kids....

          that is going to get some flack. Last year after transworld I took home a Gore galore Scare-O-Jack. Tried it on in my back yard after getting home. The neighbor girl (age 5) spent the next two weeks sleeping in her brothers room afraid the monster was going to get her.

          Wicked Farmer


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            I did not experience this however I did hear that the Lego people were not happy with us at all... apparently there are way to many haunt actors roaming around trying to scare people. I heard a dancer had a panic attack and an ambulance was called. I think if you ask them they'll say we were the problem not the other way around. Who knows.

            I don't think dressing up and scaring people who don't want to be scared was a good idea. Larry
            Larry Kirchner


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              Ya thats too bad.

              I didn't see it going on. But I was afraid someone would be doing it. Scary Gary was giving kids high fives and being nice. But you get these idiots who think oh im such a good actor ect. Whatever! I posted on a thread on f.b about someone scaring kids outside. I replied if takes no talent to scare a child. And I sd it wasn't right to be trying to scare kids attending the lego show. I sd you want these kids to like Halloween, and haunted houses and monsters. Not be scared or frightened of them. It just seems things keep getting stupid more so every year! Where do we draw the line? Kids were coming in the front door w their parents on Fri. And sat I saw them coming in on the East door. But I guess certain bastards were going where ever to scare them. Its like you have some real problems and issues if your that hard up for a scare. Scare a haunter if you wanna prove how bad you are! Not some poor child who may not be used to. Or ever seen stuff like this like say our kids. Disappointed in people in general lately.
              Damon Carson


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                I had no idea about scaring kids happened when starting this post...

                I saw kids coming in south and east doors. High fiving or running away from kids to hide from the "scary' kids ...class act. And if scaring happened as much as it seems now I am sure there was a "You can't scare me" challenge coming from a few rug rats where an actor playfully accepting an invite is "OK". But stalking victims in a place like that; big lack of common sense.

                Guessing there is going to be more said to Transworld operators very soon if they are not doing damage control right now.

                Wicked Farmer


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                  I heard a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs" from the lego kids, but didn't see anyone actively scaring them. Nor had I heard about the freaked out dancer(s) until this thread.

                  I did hear a lot of comments, from haunters, that it probably wasn't a good idea for the convention center to book an R-rated Halloween trade show and a lego convention at the same time.
                  Fright In Falcon Haunted Maze


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                    Devil in elevator

                    "I did hear a lot of comments, from haunters, that it probably wasn't a good idea for the convention center to book an R-rated Halloween trade show and a lego convention at the same time"

                    Reminds me of years ago when I first arrived at Ren. Hotel after checking in and taking bags to my room on elevator. There was a LOT of teenagers from church youth groups meeting then as well. I had no haunt Id on haunt shirt or anything. Some guy with contacts and devils horns attached to his forehead stepped into elevator with me and sister-inlaw. Upon seeing me he said "Are you here with the Christians?" and proceeded to have a face to face stare down with me till we reached his floor.

                    Silly Devil...trying to intimidate Wicked Farmer.


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                      I didn't notice anyone trying to scare children, it doesn't mean it didn't happen though. In fact, I witnessed the opposite several times. I witnessed the many monsters and such wandering the halls showing off product to make an attempt to avoid the children all together, turn around when they walked down the hall and sometimes hide within groups of people to avoid being seen. As for the bad apples, I think they were outside the convention and had nothing to do with anything happening at the convention center. We were one of many who got broken in to, in a well lit parking spot directly in front of the hotel we were staying at. It's unfortunate, but there's not much any of us can do about that. We had a successful show despite the minor set back. There were lots of neat new products and ideas this year.
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                        Yes my buddy had his car broken into along with 7 other cars the same night, he stayed at the Ramada. I will say one thing, I was able to network with a few people that also had their car broken into and that turned out to be a good networking. The Ramada should be removed off the list of suggested hotels by Transworld, that is just my personal opinion.
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                          I saw it....

                          I witnessed first hand attendees (I won't call them actors, because I don't think it was "just actors") actively trying to scare children. The show floor hadn't opened yet, all the people were waiting in line. Most were visibly trying to not ruin the kids day, but there are always someone.... I gave a few scoldings, and dirty looks.... and told a couple kids that I would walk between them and the idiot monsters, and if they came at them again, I'd hit them
                          I am disappointed in our industry at times. In a haunted house, if a parent brings their kid, it's not my problem about the nightmares, but in a convention center? No common sense at all.

                          And as for the Ramada.....
                          We were in the assigned parking garage, just one level up, from weds to sunday, and our car was just fine
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                            Bad apples descend on St. Louis

                            I'm pretty shocked to hear that the Lego vs. Transworld booking as such a big issue.

                            I didn't spend much time in the hall but whenever I was going in and out of the doors I always seen family's looking in at the show and trying to get a peek. I heard a lot of "Ohs" and "that's cool" from both the parents and the kids.

                            I did see one girl with a concerned look on her face but besides that everyone seemed be having a good time to me. I even seen some kids getting their pictures taken with the "monsters" roaming around and family group shots at the Transworld photo op.

                            From the sound of things though it seems like owners need to get their actors in check or if they were there on their own than someone should find out who they were and maybe give them a year suspension from the tradeshow. All this does is make all of us look like jackasses.

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                            Ken Jones


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                              I was reading on facebook that someone said Transworld is going to ban actors is this true?