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  • Attn Larry

    I don't know where else to ask, lol.

    Do you happen to have any of the 20th year mugs left? We bought one at the Transworld tour when they first came out and it's been sitting on my shelf unused. I finally used it and when I washed it (hand washed) the sublimation cracked and is peeling. My favorite hot chocolate mug in the world wound up being defective. :/ Was wondering if I could purchase another one and have it shipped?


    Editing for clarification. I just realized how contradicting the post sounded. I just started using it (because I've been staying away from choc. drinks and I don't drink coffee) and upon the first washing it cracked. Second washing... it peeled. Sad monster today.
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    I like the looks of them.

    I guess if I buy one I will make a pen holder out of it or just put it on display! (;
    Damon Carson


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      Yes I have more and yes it did the same thing to me... that sucks! I wish I would have known you can't put them in the dish washer. I'll give you another one! Larry
      Larry Kirchner


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        Yeah, I wash with scolding hot water, that may have been the culprit. When I'm done washing dishes my hands are fire red! When I rinse, it's pure hot water and if I'm not careful and get it on me too much it's a bltch. It may just be too much heat for it? I've been around sublimation classes (learning heat presses etc) and usually if there's a defect it just doesn't stick well when you make it, not come off later. Weird.

        I had mine displayed on the top shelf in kitchen, I guess I can use this one for the pen holder on my desk like Damon said

        Thanks Larry