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    How do you guys handle your VIP ticket lines? 2 VIP groups for every 1 General Admission into the attraction? One for one? Thoughts

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    We have two lines. We buy these cattle rails and we make lines out of them. We learned about half way through the season we either needed place someone there or put up clear signs. A lot of people who had tickets from the net needed their own line as well otherwise they would jump in the wrong line which was the ticket line.

    We are sort of new so we are learning as we go. GZ


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      We did 1 VIP group, 1 General Admission group, etc. It seemed like a good balance to make sure both lines moved. The key is to make sure the general admission people aren't getting pissed off while the VIP people still feel it was worth the extra money. The best way to do it is to set up your lines so the VIP line is totally separate where the general admission line can't even see it, then you totally alleviate the problem.
      Mike Quill
      Fear Town Haunted House


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        Thanks for feedback folks!! )


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          Everybody was a vip

          Except for those screaming, staggering drunk they sool -Chit out of luck.
          At $15 a head, compared to prices near here, we got a VIP price from everyone, without making anyone feel like a loser infront of their Family or strangers.
          Many patrons here came to see my house when it was only $2.00, and they were happy to see what the place is now, for the money.
          We charged $13 for those 9 and under, newborns were free.(Some just couldn't find a sitter?)
          Three times in 27 years we have found a Mother nursing her baby while in the first room (where everybody gets seated.)
          Yes, we have sort of a "different" Haunt here and it "works" for us.