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Filming in the dark question?

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  • Filming in the dark question?

    I have tried our go pro in low light situations and haven't really been impressed with the results. Do any of you have a secret to get good scare footage in low light areas without having to put light in the room and messing up the scare? We have played with it over and over and can't get it right, but I see videos on here with some descent footage so I thought maybe somebody could help me. Thanks!

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    Low light video is one of those very hard things to get right. Either you are spending a lot of money on good equipment or you are adding lights to make it work.
    A few things to keep in mind:

    1. Position and Focus of lights. If the lights are on what you are filming that will help a lot, you will probably loose some background and you may get noise but you will see what you are looking for.
    2. Camera Settings. Every camera is different, some do good right out of the box and others don't. Look around and see if you can adjust things like aperture, brightness, contrast, shutter, ect.
    3. Placement of Camera. Placing the camera closer to the items being filmed will also help, that way it doesn't have to look for as much light (there is a lot more info on why this is just look around)
    4. Model and Brand of Camera. Some just work better than others. Go Pro's are notorious for their Low Light suckage, but that's not what they are designed to do. I would look at Security style cameras, those are your best bet. Though you will probably run into the issue of them going Black and White in the dark, ask around for good suggestions.


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      Sony HDR-HC9