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Free Giveaways for your haunt?

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  • Free Giveaways for your haunt?

    Has anyone did a free giveaway besides T-shirts for their patrons on opening night like a first 100 people get a t-shirt. I figure bumper stickers are so 80s lol what have people gave away?

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    Gave AWAY... pens, bumper stickers

    Gave away 1,ooo bic pens, purple with the Ravens Grin name on them With the pteradactyl on it. I held back a few for someone's special ocassion here, a Birthday party. A kid walked up to me, got my attention, snapped the new pen in two, then said:"Give me another pen!"
    (I really did want to take that broken pen and.....)
    The second weekend after all those pens were given away many people came back seeking a second free pen!? I couldn't figure that out?
    I would only possibly ever give out pens again at the exit.. remember what the Joker showed us that a mere pen can do?
    Bumper stickers should not be thought of as mere automotive advertising but rather Dorm Door signs where College kids will see the message, or a refrigerator message, complete with the haunt's phone number right there.
    Some "Slick" on the phone tried to sell me bumper stickers for something like 45 cents apiece!
    A guy right here in this little town of mine sold them to me for 17cents each, and testing them outdoors in the bright sunshine, they would last very well for 5 or more years! (They weren't made out of "Paper" like the other salesman tried to say.)
    Then I was sent a small, finely crafted wooden box with a laser-cut image on it's lid of a haunted house. These were supposed to be items we could sell and make money with but almost 25 years ago their selling price would have had to have been $15.00 each! (Maybe even more?)


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      I might give away stuff to get them to the door, not sure I'd give away stuff once they are already there...especially when everything's for sale
      Like a midget at a urinal, you gotta be on your toes


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        advertise a giveaway!

        like w every paid admission u get an entry. do it over several weeks. have a grand prize and smaller prizes awarded up till the week of halloween! im a marketing genius! damon p.s i have some great prize ideas on my site!
        Damon Carson