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Actor IQ Test for Haunt Owners and Actors

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  • Actor IQ Test for Haunt Owners and Actors

    Hey guys,
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    Good topic...

    Let me think here hmmm....

    Questions I would ask Actors are ...

    1) Do you do drugs
    2) Have you worked in a haunt before
    3) Been convicted of any crimes and you could go on from there but if you are trying to find out if they could work as an actor...

    1) What is your favorite horror movie
    2) What kind of Horror movies do you like
    3) On Halloween what would you want to be
    4) Can you do make up

    If you are trying to test them to find out they really do like horror ... ask them a trick question about horror movies like

    1) Name the five icons of Universal Studios Monters
    2) Who scares you in your dreams

    Blah, Blah

    What kind of things are you trying to figure out about these people.

    Larry Kirchner


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      I got 3 out of 10, guess m y acting career is dead.
      I personally don't agree with all your correct answers, but it is your test.
      The one that bothers me the most is you say people come for entertainment, not to be scared. I don't agree, but hey, who am I to say.
      I see why you have them take it, it gets the point across about your haunt.


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        I only had 4 right.

        If you are using it as a teaching tool about YOUR haunt for your actors, it isn't a bad thing. Some of the questions are opinions, and your right answer isn't my right answer. If you were using it in the application process, I don't think it will work.

        Just my two cents.


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          I got 9 out of 10
          Spooky Wishes

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            I like it. It's a good way to make actors think about the big picture of the haunt as opposed to telling them as their eyes glaze over.
            it's also good that it's NOT an application.
            PEACE, ADAM


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              It's an interesting quiz, and I can see how things would work out in that you could explain what you want, but I do see room for more clarity.

              On question one, I would point out that no one comes to your haunt to be safe. I understand the need for safety, so perhaps a better correct answer would be 'to provide a fun and safe experience for the customer' or something along those lines.

              On question two unless you specify your house, the only logical answer is 'all of the above'. That would be a great haunted house experience. Good would be having less than all of those. Great actors in a crappy house can only do so much to mitigate the crappiness.

              On question 4 referring to giving up on a scare. If a scare isn't working an actor can quickly move from entertaining to annoying--and an actor whose schtick isn't working that keeps it up can become the defining experience for a customer--and the type of experience that leads to a bad review on social media "there was this guy, and he was clearly trying to jump out and scare us--but we could all see him. And he kept jumping around like he'd done something. Geez, what a dweeb. He was dressed like some kinda vampire--Count Dorkula. I couldn't even tell you what else was in there, that guy was so cheesy. Next time, I'll go to X' Sometimes it's better to cut your losses--because sometimes the annoyed person does more than just bitch. Sometimes they swing.

              On question 9, about how much to give, you want people to say 100%, all the time--and then you want to give them the marathon speech. Kinda the way your quiz does it.

              I like this. With some tweaking to personalise it, it could be a good tool.


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                Great tool

                Originally posted by mrfoos View Post
                Hey guys,

                I would be interested in feedback regarding a short 10 question "Actor IQ" test I will be having all my actors fill out this season. The goal is to make sure the actors understand the fundamental issues of being an actor in a haunt. Actors are like cats so I didn't want it to be too long. As haunt owners (and actors) what do you think? What would you add? Anything you disagree with?


                I like this as a tool for the recruitment process. I like that the questions set the tone on how you manage and what directions past year's experience take you. On a management level I think this is great for helping to see how much you want to spend on a recruit. You can definitively tell who won;t take the job seriously form the answers, and where you might need to coach new and eager recruits. It also opens a door for actors to engage management and ask questions. When you get actors asking why these answers are important to you and you show, you are on track to develop internal leadership, and get practical fresh ideas in the future. Good job.
                J. F. Storm

                Highland Farm's
                Trails To Terror
                Wakefield, RI