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Warning Sign-intro into Haunted House

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  • Warning Sign-intro into Haunted House

    I about to send my WARNING sign to print, this is the one the guest read before they enter the Haunted Attraction. I have the simple ideas like:

    What other items need to be on the sign?


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    I live in The Ravens Grin and it is an old, old house so I have complaints maybe most of the rest of you will never hear concerning dog and cat dander, because this is what makes those allergic to it sneeze.
    Mold is another recent consideration, so I guess even though I can't smell mold, I will be smelling bleach instead, then someone will complain about the bleach smell.
    Of course it is always fair game if the customers fart with each step they take in my house, blistering the wall paper right off the wall,that's ok.


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      It sounds like those are more your rules than anything. It's good to have those posted somewhere, too. I'm not 100% sure of the wording on our signs, but it's pretty standard to amusement parks, haunts, etc. Basically that there are fog machines and effects lighting in use. You're entering at your own risk. We don't recommend entering if you have heart problems, etc., so on and so forth.


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        What you do is take a large plastic garbage bag & cut 2 leg holez in the bottom of it. Then make yur clientz wear it like a diaper. Get the drawstring type & make em sinch it up good & tight around their waist now.
        Fart problem solved! You can tell em itz in case thay get so scared they crap their pantz! :lol: :lol: :lol:
        Haa! I kill me.


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          When I was a kid I handed my little brother a paper bag , "Look inside for your present, Bob."
          Yes, an invisible, terrible gaseous "present" awaited him, he discovered too late to close the bag! Pandora's box as practised in modern times on a juvenille level.


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            I put a sign at my entrance way (the one for my haunt) that read warning "Enter at your own risk. May contain the following nuts, skulls, stobe lights, horror, gore, .....)

            This year I have been advised to take it down as it 'would be admitting that there is a problem and I would be made 'defenseless' in court.

            It is like putting a sign up saying 'Beware of Dog' and then the dog bites some one. You to court to say the dog never bites and is as undangerous as naval lint. However they will argue that you are lying because the sign indicated otherwise.

            I have been told better to say nothing and then if some one finds it too scary and drops dead of a heart attack then I bring the 3 year old next door to court and have her say that she wasn't in the least bit scared.

            My sign now is you might be scared of the following or you might not but by choosing to come in you are choosing of your own free will to enter. Then they sign a 'legal disclaimer'.

            Ahh Britian home of the nanny state.


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              Last year I volunteered at the local charity haunt. I wound up as the "door greeter" and was told to deliver the usual warnings, "no smoking or open flames of any kind; no running; no touching the staff".

              Then they told me I could ham it up as much as I wanted, as long as I got the primary warnings in. Since the theme was the old west, and the entry was into the Undertaker's shop, I came up with the following;

              "Good Evening! Welcome to the Undertaker's. Before you enter the shop to make your final arrangements, we have a few requests of you. NO RUNNING! No touching anyone or anything inside. All of the Undertaker's staff is much too busy to touch YOU. And most of all, no open flames or smoking. Wood coffins are extremly flammible, and we would hate to see YOU go up in flames."

              If by this point I had not gotten the signal to let the group in, I could continue with whatever came to mind. It got to the point I was judging my performance by how many kids I scared away before they even got into the house. My personal record was 28 kids on a Friday night. (and since it's a no refunds for any reason policy....)

              You may want to think along the lines of a person delivering the warnings, and if you have a good actor, they could enhance the experience.


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                I add "No Chewables" I get tired of peeling gum off the floor.
                And" no umbrellas, bottles " or other items that could be used as a weapon.
                Please turn off cell phones and other electronic devices.

                I jumped out to scare a girl just as her phone rang. She held up her hand at me in a "please hold while I take this call" gesture and began chatting.
                Like I can resume the scare later!


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                  Originally posted by Jim Warfield
                  Of course it is always fair game if the customers fart with each step they take in my house, blistering the wall paper right off the wall,that's ok.
                  I have never been to Ravens Grin.
                  But of course that night at Dream Reapers is another story. :roll:
                  The "lights on" guide did say someone used too much of their flatulence scent in that room and it was a good batch. Our bunch just sorta pinched their nose and agreed with watering eyes. But they ALL knew the true source. :twisted:
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                    Farting is all fun & games until the farter asked the question: "Are farts "lumpy"?
                    The man had been way too com-fartable sitting on the lap of a helper of mine in a dark room and when the lights came on and he realised he was sitting on a real person dressed like a gorilla the fun began infront of his step-daughter and their whole group.
                    This happened maybe 15 years ago and everytime the step-daughter has returned she asks me that question at the ticket window.
                    A classmate of mine was nick-named "Lumpy", maybe it had a connection to the seat of his pants?


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                      I'd be careful what you write sometimes out of sight out of mind you rules may only give them ideas.


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                        That can be right Jerzy. Drunks take some warnings as a challenge to do what you tell them not to do!
                        Many years ago a renouned haunted advised me to intentionally make a barrier from old rotten boards so nobody would walk that way.
                        I then explained to him this drunky/challenged mentality, he had never seen it this way before, I sure had.


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                          Larry offers couple free signs that are great.

                          I can't find the link, maybe Larry will be kind enough to repost them.


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                            I was just gonna say that, Larry put a sign up a while back as an example...warning_banner_hauntworld_2010%20(2).jpg Hope that works..
                            Like a midget at a urinal, you gotta be on your toes



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                              Larry does have a nice sign..
                              Read carefully there are some discrepinceies expecially on the refund part..