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  • Who Uses Google Analytics???

    I'm doing a program with Pandora and they are telling me that Google Analytics can't track mobile traffic... here is a snip of what they said below. I will say this if you rely on Google for your web reporting you are failing yourself because this program is not effective. Get some good web track programs on your server because ti will only help you to understand how best to promote your haunted house... what works what doesn't work.

    I’ve attached a sheet that shows how Pandora campaigns can sometimes cause discrepancies between numbers that Smartsets is showing and the number that we have recorded.
    Since 75% of our listening is through mobile often times it is difficult to track due to the fact that mobile apps don’t pass cookies. My guess is that we are accounting for much of the “No Referrer” numbers. This sheet explains how we derive our data and how it can appear differently from your own tracked numbers.
    I hope this helps you to understand……from our delivery reports your campaign is performing quite well!!!

    So they sent me a pdf

    Published 11/2012
    Google Analytics
    Google Analytics uses cookies to track users. But, because
    mobile apps don’t pass cookies the way websites do,
    the mobile portion of an advertiser’s campaign will be
    under reported. Only the web traffic will be properly
    reflected in a Google Analytics report.
    Pandora provides advertisers with reports from our ad serving
    system, DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). The system is used
    across our industry to provide accurate reporting and is certified
    by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Because the DFP data
    comes directly from our server log data, not from cookies, the
    reports are more accurate and reflect both web and mobile clicks.
    Tracking Apples to Oranges
    Pandora’s reports will differ from Google Analytics because
    we are actually tracking two different things. Pandora tracks
    clicks. Google Analytics tracks visits. Advertisers find that
    not every click becomes a site visit due to slow connections,
    mobile service issues, or cancelled sessions.
    Knowing there’s a reporting discrepancy, how can
    I judge the effectiveness of banners on Pandora?
    It’s not all about site visits. We recommend that you take a
    deep dive into your Google Analytics report and look at the
    engagement metrics it provides. How many users went to
    your Hours and Directions page? How many other pages did
    they visit? Compare these numbers to those you saw prior to
    your Pandora campaign. Then, you will get a more accurate
    picture of the value Pandora is providing.
    Are there any ways for advertisers to
    close the gap between Pandora DFP reports
    and Google Analytics?
    Until mobile tracking analytics become more mature,
    this is a challenge all advertisers alike will encounter.
    Alternatives to Google Analytics
    While no service has perfected mobile reporting, there are some
    analytics services that are better than others. The reporting they
    provide is more accurate than Google Analytics, but they do
    require a financial commitment. Some of these services include:
    Estimated price: $2,000 per 1 million page views/click traffic
    Omniture /Adobe SiteCatalyst
    Estimated price: $12,500 to $100,000
    Google Analytics
    Mobile Tracking
    What are the differences
    between Pandora’s tracking
    reports and advertisers’
    Google Analytics reports?
    Advertisers occasionally see a
    difference between the data provided
    in Pandora’s tracking reports and that
    data delivered by Google Analytics.
    This issue is not unique to Pandora
    and happens throughout the industr

    Larry Kirchner

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    I have used Google Analytics for years. I also use HubSpot Analytics which you should check out.


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      Mobile is harder to track in general because cookies aren't as reliable.