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  • Local Haunts - What's the deal?

    So prior to opening there were numerous 'tips' to the State Fire Marshal about our event... They've been on our back for weeks now. Our opening weekend we had fire marshals on site through operation both Friday and Saturday nights because there were so many 'anonymous tips'... And the real kicker; just today our local London OH Fire Marshal (who has been awesome), implied that the numerous 'tips' coming the past weeks have been from a single IP address. So they connected the dots, and are no longer on our backs...

    In addition, as an entirely new haunt we had 180 reviews averaging out to two stars on Facebook... before we ever opened our doors to the public.

    We've minded our own business since day one. Worked hard to get our show up and running. I don't even know where people get the time to engage in ridiculous acts like this... Never had these problems in Florida either, got along great with other haunts. We all had the mentality down there that 'competing' haunts pull patrons from the same demographic, and it only makes sense to work together to increase awareness.

    Anyways, pretty disappointing stuff...
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    Jordan Renda

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    I have dealt with this myself before and sadly I think many haunt owners have as well... here is the thing that is funny. People sit on this forums and bash each other, talk a good game, but if you see them face to face they have nothing to say they are nice as a peach. Here is another one... people behind your back will try to steal your radio promotions, your sponsors, your employees, steal your signs, trash your haunt to their customers, on facebook, in interviews on their website... blah, blah but when they see you face to face they claim they do none of that and want to be your friend during Transworld or something.

    I've said for years some people are cowards, they are two faced they say one thing to you to your face and another behind your back.

    This is just a reality... survival instincts kick in and people do what they think they need to do to grab your limelight.

    Here is what I've learned ... Just ignore it. Do what you think is right do what you think is best for you, your business, your staff and ignore the rest. All you can ever do is what is right and in the end the people who focus their time on you will fail. Keep your eye on the ball and you will always come out on top!

    Larry Kirchner


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      It's probably just someone who has a beef with either someone at your haunt or the haunt itself. I know which haunt you work for; I wonder if being at a county fairgrounds has anything to do with some crazy guy complaining about a haunt on public grounds?

      Are you new to Ohio? I know you mentioned Florida, but wasn't sure if you were referring to being in FL recently or a while back. The reason I ask is because you came into this market with a huge advertising budget, brand new and are making a splash; sometimes in central Ohio, people can be a bit wary of that. The whole local trend is pretty big in a lot of sectors here. No offense to your haunt, you guys are doing a great job casting a wide net via advertising.

      The Facebook thing, I have no idea what's going on there, that's pretty lame people would do that. Don't tell anyone, but I don't even rate the haunt I work at because I'm not a guest! I can tell you that the haunt I work at we tell our actors, staff, and volunteers NOT to slander other haunts, that they represent this haunt and should act professional. It's probably some crazy customers that see their purpose as being "loyal" to one haunt or another.

      I agree with you, the more haunts can work together, the better. Increasing general awareness helps improve the size of the market for haunts!

      There should be goodwill between haunts, as long as we all behave!