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Psychiatrist room idea?

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  • Psychiatrist room idea?

    We have set up one room as a professional office for a psychiatrist and were wondering how exactly to make it scary. We will have 2 actors in the room and toyed with some ideas but nothing jumping out at us to make it scary. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Psych session gone wrong

    First thought I had was with two actors one the psych, the other the patient. The patient would be getting more and more unstable as he starts ranting and would suddenly spring from the couch/chair to attack the psych. The psych would fall behind a desk out of sight with the patient brandishing a weapon and starts going to town while the psych from behind the desk out of sight starts screaming and spraying fake blood or something on the walls and such. Using a watered down fake blood I would assume would make it easier to clean up between scenes too.