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Funeral scene turned scary?

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  • Funeral scene turned scary?

    We have a room set up as a "wake" funeral but we are trying to figure out that normally people would think someone jumps out of a coffin what is another twist for a scare in this room?

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    I had my 70 year old mother one time be a widow crying at a coffin.. turn around and scream .. People ran out of the haunt (First room) Dont get it sometimes but that room was in shambles from people flying into the walls. Guess old people are scary ?


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      We did this in our first room last year. We had the coffin hooked up to air lines/cylinders and made it shoot up in the air...the whole coffin, etc. Actor came through the opening...'twas very nice
      Like a midget at a urinal, you gotta be on your toes


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        Don't have the scare in the coffin. use a mannequin in the coffin. Set the coffin on a table that has a drape around it and have an actor under the table come out and go for their feet.