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Article From CNN About Haunted Houses

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  • Article From CNN About Haunted Houses

    Just read this and I don't know if the guy is trying to be funny or just an ass, but I took it mostly as being an ass.

    Article is titled, "Apparently This Matters: Haunted house season"
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    I've been to that haunted house its just a black maze with one scene where they take your picture of you getting scared... a car comes out of the wall with lights and a horn and it takes a photo. The photo system costs around $30,000 I know because we just got back from New York where we worked on a haunt in Time Square that will be the same thing just a black maze with a photo system. Eventually they are turning the haunt into a world class attraction but this is what they wanted to do just for Halloween.

    Apparently the system makes a lot of money... we are hooking up the camera next week so I can report back on how it works. Larry
    Larry Kirchner