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White makeup thick, and Black gel makeup?

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  • White makeup thick, and Black gel makeup?

    I was wondering what is a good thick white makeup for a face where you won't see your skin shine through. We have tried a bunch but you either use so much to get your face pure white. What about a black gel type makeup where it is more 3d look and not just flat black on a face but like dripping?

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    Mehron and Ben Nye

    Clown makeup for the white. I use Ben Nye - best in the industry as any theatre pro will attest to. As far as the black is concerned, if you are wanting texture, you might need to add some latex, or maybe something else under it. Mehron makes 3-D Gelatin effects that will give you what you are looking for.
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      Could also mix black colorants (like food coloring) into scab blood/blood gel or paste.

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