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  • Transworld 2014

    FYI, thought I was planning early enough ahead but it seems that the Renaissance is booked already, unless I'm entering something wrong. Then the old Holiday Inn/ new Ramada is already out of double bed rooms.

    Anyways, any updates on extracurricular Transworld events that haven't been officially posted? Curious to see if they do the Price is Fright again. Or maybe improve the City Museum party or just do away with it all together.
    Matthew Rairden
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    I book my hotel as soon as the TW discount comes out. I booked about a two months ago. It cost you nothing to book and as long as you cancel 48 hrs before your check in time you are not charge for the room. There should be rooms still though try going through the TW web site they block rooms so the hotel show full on their own web site. Good luck.


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      You should contact Transworld directly they have sent out emails stating things are selling out... this show continues to grow and grow.

      I will make a suggestion however and I've said this before stay at the Casino its awesome all the rooms are suits, tons of places to eat things to do.
      Larry Kirchner