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PIR Motion Sensors - best place to get?

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  • PIR Motion Sensors - best place to get?

    I am in need of about 4 more sensors this year - usually we order them, but with time getting short I was curious if anyone has found and local places that carry them?

    I did find a place that can get them to me quickly but haven't seen the inside of the brand before so not sure if it would work with the PICO controllers I have, if anyone has any knowledge of these please chime in:|plid|

    Any help would be great!!!!

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    We use these. They work well for 12V setups. Work well with Hauntbots and PicaBoos as well.


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      We also found these which look to have all the same connections and should work too -


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        I'm confused? You're asking or telling? If you have ones that work why did you post to begin with???


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          How is that confusing??

          I posted this a few days ago...when no one answered right away we did some searching and found a few choices online. You posted a link to ones you suggested using...I simply added a link showing what else we had found during our search. Not sure what's confusing about that?

          My original question was if anyone knew of any places to get them locally to avoid the shipping times - you posted a link to amazon with a suggestion on what you have used.


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            Yes. Amazon can have them to you by Monday if you order them today. We choose higher quality PIRs that will give us years of use. Certain things like buying junky PIR's will lead to trouble and unreliable service.

            I'm confused mainly because you posted, and instead of a "hey thanks I'll look into that" it comes off as if you are trying to advertise for PIR's.

            If you found one, buy it. If it works, post back that it works. But it's kind of weird that you started a thread and then are just throwing links up there with statements like "we found these."

            The thread topic is "where to buy"

            Not "what we use"....?


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              Yes the original thread was "Where can I find them LOCALLY" I knew I could order them online as I stated, my post was asking not "Where can I get them Online"

              If you look at my reply it says "Thanks!" in the title followed by "We also found these" - Meaning "HEY THANKS!!!! we found these as well" - So I am sorry that you read it somehow as me advertising some other PIR???? Also the Rokonet PIR's are not junky - they are the same brand sold by most companies like Fright Props to trigger the Pico's

              I guess it's true 10 people can read the same sentence 10 different ways.....But hey thanks for keeping the topic up front.


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                They sell the Rokonets, etc because there is a much higher profit margin.... Not because they are quality. You don't get much better quality and durability than Honeywell.... I've been using the honeywell for 10+ years, some of them are the same ones I was using 10 years ago today. Others may or may not have been smashed on accident through various buildouts whoops.

                Long story short, even major security system installers, locksmiths, etc all order from distribution warehouses and you're still looking at a 2-3 day lead time...

                I know I sound like a salesperson for Amazon, but between them and my locksmith friend, we sometimes get motion sensors quicker from Amazon than ordering through my friend... 1-2 days. And free shipping.


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                  I have used ones with pet immune for less false triggers similar to this


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                    Thanks for the suggestion - These are the ones we ended up getting I believe.


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                      All depends on your controller!!

                      There are several places that offer a PIR sensor that i know of. and

                      EFX tho I blieve only works with thier controller. You may need to do additional research on that.

                      Fright Props however I believe is a more universal PIR sensor. They seem to have quick turn around on shipping.
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                        Thanks for the information - We ended up finding the ones used by several of the haunt companies for just $13.00 a piece online versus the $24-28 we found them for on most haunt sites and they got them to us in 3 days.