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  • Scare Tatics DARK ROOM

    I will be working in a very low-lite room this year which will be pitch black for the Customers since they will not have time to adjust. The room itself is rather large probably 9x12 and I believe I will be working the space alone. I have a light prop for my face and a horn/light box at my disposal.

    I have a head full of ideas swirling but I would love to hear anyoneís tricks or scare tactics for a room like this.

    Thanks !!

    EDIT. No trap Doors or drop windows. The escape from the room is a narrow walkway.

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    What are your ideas?

    What will your costume look like?


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      Costume is a skinned face mask, or I can go with something special with airbrush makeup. Whatever I choose it will be as gory & ghoulish as possible.

      Using the light prop can be used in many ways. I can turn it on up close for the easy practical scare, or I can turn it on within different movements I make towards the groups. I can run at them with the noise/Light prop for the deer in the headlight effect. I can also just stay in the dark and get uncomfortably close with whispers. I pretty much can choose the victims at random because I will be completely undetectable.
      I have never worked in a pitch black room before, but I think the scares I can get will be awesome. If you have some ideas that I havenít mentioned and want to share please do. I am borderline perfectionist and truly believe in providing the Customer with the best experience possible. I am seriously stoked for this year !!!


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        We did a total dark room with character in all black who controlled a remote controlled strobe and had wood that he use d to bang walks near guests and metal garbage can


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          Haunt folks

          I want to share my cons while working the dark room, please chime in if you have any suggestions.

          First I would like to say itís a great room for a scare if everything falls into place so here are my problems.
          1. Cell phones, flashlights, and glow sticks ruin 85% of the set
          2. Itís so dark itís hard for me to manage how close I am to the customer.
          3. I need to think of something that will show the group the exit when the scares are no longer working and they are over the darkness.

          Let me talk a little more about number 3 because it seems some people Iíve talked to say not finding the way out is fun and or scary. First of all if group one is in there long enough they get out their cell phones and sure enough group 2 who is tailing them comes into the room all lite up. Plus group one is completely over the scare and you then have to regroup and try and scare group 2 who already seen you from the cell phone lights, and the exitÖ.