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    Thinking of going back to trying some air brushing make-up (played with it a number of years ago!!)

    Any suggestions or preferences on make-up brands that you use and like in the haunt environment?

    Need supplies I can get for this season.


    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Mehron for me

    Hi Rich,

    You and I talked in Vegas a few weeks back (in the parking lot). I used a few different brands. I went with an off-brand the first year, but the color choices were terrible so I went to Mehron, which worked great! I had no problems with clogging (that was a big problem the year before) and the makeup held up well. I thought I would save money last year so I went with Graftobian.

    The bottles leak like crazy so I had a mess in my makeup kit. Even after diluting, I still had a lot of clogs with the darker pigments (I also noticed a lot of sediment in the bottom of the bottles, requiring a lot of shaking all night long). They are a little cheaper, but I had a lot of problems with their stuff.

    So this year I am going back to Mehron. A little more expensive, but it saves me a bunch of time in the makeup room if I don't have to deal with clogged guns.
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