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    Real Scare='s No Make-up!

    Do actually scary types of people wear make up? A psycho-cross-dressing killer may? Some may wish I was wearing make up , trading that "look" for my natural 65 year old wrinkled ugliness! No Mask HERE!
    I MUST be one crazy S.O.B. to have a haunted house open almost every night of the year for 27 years! (Do I know satan as a personal friend and Buddy? No.)
    Some get very carried away by any of this and trully fearful. Maybe it's my "Acting"? "Storytelling?"
    Having a Haunted, haunted house?
    Do I have any major complaints concerning my haunt workers? Well.....I have learned to not worry so much because my idea of "perfection" or storyline never seems to begin to happen if more than one other person is involved.
    Yes, I have had some very good, talented people here and some very maddening ones too.
    Some tried, many didn't know or try, all mere human, common failings as decreed by others who also might not really have a clue.

    When a customer of 7-8 visits is hired and shows up in a movie monster costume and assumes this is what I want or need here, then suddenly becomes a Prima dona more concerned about posing in the parking lot getting his picture taken than actually working in the house....aren't "people" something?
    Others ARe the most frustraiting things . Give me a piece of wood, steel, some hand tools and tomorrow what I did to those materials will still look as I had influenced them.. not always so with people, they change their mind, assume whatever they decide to do will be "peachy" or correct even though you are paying them to do what you want them to do instead!?
    I would be much further ahead if I just hired the Nursing Home to wheel down a load of 95 yr. olds , park them in certain house locations, it would be definately wierd and spooky, no make up needed, no mid-tour character changes and no "He-Said, She-Said" Bullchitt!
    They would all be too tired to talk and too deaf to hear it!
    I'm calling the "Home" tomorrow and I'm not "E.T.!"
    My first two emplyees were the best in some ways, old guys that a number of local people, mostly female, were actually afraid of! (For no actual real reason) Harmless idiots really. No make up needed no Voice lessons (scary already)
    So it goes...........