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I need expert help trying to locate a mask!!!!

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  • I need expert help trying to locate a mask!!!!

    I currently try to build a grave digger prop using the 3 axis skull model from propmaster. I can't find the right mask though. I'm trying to find the mask in the attached youtube video.

    Please help if you can. I'm lost and cant really find any other mask I like out there. I want to stick with a human digger not some type of zombie etc. I also would prefer the mask didn't have eye slits.

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    looking for an original EDDIE IRON MAIDEN mask (from 1st album cover)

    can anyone help ? thank you !!!! post reply here............


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      Not the mask you are looking for, but may be a good base to build off of.

      You can buy fur and apply it to the beard area if that is what you are looking for. Otherwise, look around Halloween Asylum's site. They have some decent masks and okay prices. Definitely worth a look!

      Hope this helps - Good luck!
      Zach Wiechmann