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    So guys, getting pumped, the season is fast approaching ! A couple guys from my team and I were hanging out last night and the idea came up not to have a line - but to simply have a designated area for people to stand and hang out before the show. Say like the first 200 people are "red" then the next 200 "green" so on ... and you just call their color when it's their turn to go through the attraction. The logic behind the idea is to up sales of tshirts and food - also more opportunities to take pictures with roaming monsters etc. We're a smaller haunt that slow nights are around 800 and busy nights around 2,500. Has anyone else thrown this idea around, and has anyone tried it? If so, how did you execute it and what do you guys think the pros/cons of this might be ? Any help would be great, thanks!
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    I'm pretty sure that is what Shane does at Disturbia. I think he used colored tokens and would announce/post the next color to get in line. I would guess if he was doing it then he was having success with it.


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      I've seen it done as well. The guests' tickets had large bold numbers printed in one corner and that was their group number. It was announced on the midway and that group knew then to head into the line. You still have to have a queue, but it can be smaller and take up less space when you do the group concept. Plus, when the guests get in line with the others in their group, they know it won't be a long wait because they see that only X number of people with the same group are called to line. It also helps to focus some roaming actors on the line itself, once they've been called away from the other entertainment options the midway has to offer.


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        chips are an excellent / inexpensive idea for sure .
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          We do the token system. They pay the admission, get a bracelet with a group number assigned. Groups of ten people go in at a time. Everyone hangs in the yard and waits for their group number to be called. Frees them up to patronize the gift shop, concessions, watch the bands, enjoy the outside characters or hang by the burn barrels. Work out great for us as a guided tour
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            Up selling merchandise is best at the end of the haunt or ending them up in the gift store area which then leads to outside.


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              Every October.

              I erect a pre-fab wind break/rain shelter large enough to accommodate about 15 people , positioned right at my front door, so they are sitting on dry benches when we need them to come in.
              People buy their tickets whenever they get here and an approximate time is markered on the ticket with words of explaination given that the actual time for them could be slightly sooner or later, so don't wander off once the time starts to get close.
              When the door opens again if the entire group is not to be found we add some more to fill the group out from those waiting to get in.
              If a group of seemingly roudy , or slightly drunk people are about to come in we often make them one group of their own to make things more pleasant and a better tour experience by not having such people mixed with those who are sober.
              If people are screaming, staggering drunk we try to keep them out . If this tour was a 10 minute "Run-Through" maybe this would not be a problem, but it is a 60 to a 90 minute experience, so.. no drunks.