This post is NOT about whether or not our country should get involved in Syria. Im sympatric to the people of Syria and I dont want to see our soldiers go to war, but as a haunt owner; I have concerns about what will happen to our haunt industry if we start bombing Syria.

Will people elect to sit at home; glued to their TVs watching the latest bombing runs? Will they see too much horror on the news and decide to pass on getting scared/entertained at their local haunt? Think about what happened during the start of the past two wars; home delivery of food jumped and 24 hour news viewership soared. Haunt owners be prepared; if we go to war or start dropping bombs; it could have a negative impact on our business (remember when haunt sales dropped up to 50% following 911).

Please dont use this post to discuss the merits of whether or not the US should get involved in Syria; politics aside; you might start thinking about where you may need to cut spending if we find ourselves in the middle of this conflict. We added an interior corridor this year so we can cut actor positions on slow nights (each actor can perform in multiple scenes). I hope that wont be an issue, but it could help if we see a decline in attendance.

Im praying for a peaceful resolve, but this is headed the other direction.

Kelly Collins
The ScareAtorium Columbus