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  • Flame Retardant - Need Advice


    I would have done a search on this in the forums, seeing this topic has probably been addressed before, but the search feature on this site bites. Why I have to answer a random question of things in which I have no knowledge makes no sense.

    That being said, we hired a professional company to build our indoor haunt. It's been built and painted. The fire inspector did his inspection and said we need to coat the entire thing with flame retardant - which confuses me, because A) what products I've seen so far is for non-painted surfaces only and B) why would a company that has built dozens of haunts not know this? I am getting a sinking feeling we are up the proverbial river with no paddle. So here are my questions.

    1. Anyone have this issue, and solved it?

    2. Any suggested product that could be used on painted surfaces?

    3. Any idea how much product would be needed? We have two events with a total square footage of 4400 sq. feet - not all that big, comparatively, but still requiring a good deal of product.

    Any advice is most appreciated.

    Mephisto the Great

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    Oy.. well only one guy can answer that question to complete satisfaction...

    Should asked first?

    Good luck
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      We typically use NY Fire Shield inspecta shield and spray everything down each year. They have great prices for haunts if you contact them directly.

      However with already painted panels that was a problem. We ended up using a mixture of clear polyurethane and a fire-retardant paint additive.

      Ultimately it is up to what you feel comfortable with and your fire marshal feels comfortable with.


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        Zombietoxin: exactly, but there you go.

        It looks like we can spray the flats with something traditional (like fire shield). The paint job is relatively light so we are giving it a shot. It also sounds like we will insist on flame- retardant paint in the future.

        Oh well - lesson learned. Thank you for the recommendation.

        Mephisto the Great


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          A surface coat should do it as long as the paint is not really thick. Wall panel tend to soak the paint in so that it does not sit on the surface, this makes it part of the wood so it won't melt and burn. Just try a heavy spray on your panels and do a test, this will in most cases do the job.


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            You can use FR paint

            Hi Estavares -

            You can use fire retardant paint to go over the paint you've already done.

            We would suggest our 1500 Series FRL which is a flat latex paint. It comes in different colors and you can also field tint it.

            If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-513-5134!

            International Fire-Shield, Inc.