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  • Disturbia Damage

    Here is just a few pictures which in no way shows the extent of the damage I had to use a respirator and just grab some quick shots. The roof and water damage was just to much and now has caused toxic black mold. The whole complex is contaminated and the wells will be a total loss as many of the props are just as bad of shape I am talking major mold dangerous mold. It looks like it snowed in the building more than anyone can imagine and a few inches of water in the floor. What a mess it's heart breaking forsure. The pictures are not even the worst I could not get over to it and inside the actual part over the haunt was not even accessible. The art work is covered like snow. Its a very unsafe area for sure. Here is the story...... Just simply a mess!
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    Hopefully, shane has insurance for this damage

    This is absolutely terrible !!!!!!! Another great haunt (lost !) hopefully, not for long !!!!!!


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      I am so sorry to hear this I wish you the best !!
      I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!


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        Just a thought have you considered laying the walls outside in the sun to kill the mold repaint them and then use them for an out door maze? I know its a lot of work but maybe you could salvage some of this and its not a total loss.
        I'm only doing this to impress 2 people ... The fire marshal and the customer that's it !!!


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          This happens to me every single season we try to re-open LEMP... we have to send in about 10 guys with tons of mold killer, cleaning supplies, mops, and more. We just did that btw yesterday. That really sucks ... man sorry you're going to miss the season. Larry
          Larry Kirchner


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            57,000 sf building full of mold is not what I go to a haunt to get scared by, its scary but not the right scare. Sorry Shane good luck getting it back up and running.


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              Did this just happen from a recent storm? Looks like it has to be a major storm to tear the roof up so bad.

              Tough break.



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                A Few Years Ago

                A local couple built a new log-house (Very fancy) the builder crammed in extra insulation everywhere but some of these logs were cut locally and not seasoned or dried, Black mold broke out inside the new house and one of their kids was thought to have been made sick from this, everybody then saw each other "In Court".
                They rented another house for a few years as the new log house was torn into and fixed.
                Keeping numerous fans blowing ,circulating air seems to help keep the mold away...


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                  We have had several storms and the rainiest season ever in the South in July we hit 90 once and had several days in the 70's which is unheard of here but yes a series of storms. Larry I think we all have had mold from time to time but this is nothing like I or anyone has experienced I think. Again thanks for all the words and we will just deal with it. Shane and it's thanks!


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                    If you're going through hell- don't stop.

                    Best wishes to you.
                    How can a man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temple of his gods.

                    What you put into your mind- you put into your life.



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                      Really sorry to hear this! Do you plan on reopening next year? Or is it salvageable?!
                      Damon Carson


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                        That sucks so bad Shane! I am very sorry to hear this. Keep us posted on your plans. I would like to see nothing more than some sort of silver lining from this mess. So heartbreaking for all your fans and crew. I'm hoping an even better location or situation comes your way.


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                          Wore my Disturbia shirt today to work and thought of you. Such a bummer to hear about this. Are you looking to relocate entirely? Let me know of your plans - Would love to come out and work for you sometime!
                          Zach Wiechmann


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                            I am really sorry you have to go through this shane.
                            But somehow you will get it done, and find out that things will be better than ever before.
                            You have that in you.
                            I will be thinking about you.
                            Kevin R. Alvey
                            info at



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                              Damn the mold

                              Shane this sucks! You are right about the rain season here in the south. We have been fighting the mold as well, but nothing like what you are dealing with. Damn mold has been really tough this year, and I am already putting a plan together for treating the mold throughout the year until it is a distant memory!

                              Larry curious what mold killer you are using in LEMP.
                              Travis "Big T" Russell
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