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  • The Cemetery 2013

    Hey guys hope everyone is doing awesome its been a while on my end but its that time of year again to start working on this years display. For me allot has changed in my planning in comparison to previous years, rather than building a yard display I'm going to take the show to the garage/ partial use of the driveway so in other wise a a very miniaturized haunt walk trough. This year I'm teaching myself foam carving techniques from what I've learned so far working with my local haunted house I'm a part of here in buffalo. Here's just two pics of the work so far. I finally got around to building a facebook page showcasing previous years photos and upcoming plans I'd love for some of you to give me a like if you'd be so kind :-)



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    Looking good so far. Keep the updates coming.


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      Began slicing the boards to fit the old towers. You can see what the new look is going to begin to look like on the left and the old paint job on the right. Still plan to add allot of detail in the form on moss and broken off cement.
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        Began the crown work of the towers with the new post lights still still need to be wired. When im complete I'll post a picture of what the towers initially looked like over 9 years ago to there current look. I'm enjoying the progress would love to hear some feedback.


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          I like the mausoleum facade in your Facebook photos , great work .


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            Ok so here is a sketch I made of 3 crypt panels I'd like to make. I'm abit torn though in where about to start with this project. Anyone have any foam carving experience that could lend me an opinion. Should I start with a 4x8 sheet of foam and carve from there or use luan and glue foam sections to the wood?

            Update 7/24/13


            Thanks to ideas from Nethercraft I plan to make the opposite side of the crypt hall panels like above.
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