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2012 HAUNTED OVERLOAD progress thread

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    You guys never cease to astound me. It looks great!



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      I am feeling inspired!

      Wow great idea with the roped wood. Never thought of that approach. That would work great for some props I need next year (still bogged down building for this year). Thanks for sharing!
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        Put in a real long day Saturday. We will be back there tomorrow.
        Worked on the sawmill all day, it was extremely hot and humid. We finally started getting on a roll late so we stayed till 1:30am. It's a big project but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

        This photo shows the beams made to look like rotted roof joists. They look cool from below, lighting will be very important for this scene. It's starting to look like a real old barn with caved in roof now.

        Time to break out the headlamps. Starting another wall late at night.

        We had a fire going to keep the bugs away.

        Sinking another poll for a doorway.


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          Tired as hell. I figured I would post these tonight or I never would. Enjoy.

          We got the blade mounted.

          View as you walk around the corner.

          Roof made to look like rotted boards caving in on you. They are wired up. I would need a sprinkler if I made a solid roof.

          The body bags are looking cool as well.


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            Damn this is awesome!!!

            Eric, your work is inspirational and so unique, you have a clear passion for what you're doing. Thank you so much for posting pictures!
            *Sigh*I can't wait til' October


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              Awesome work as always! You know I'm a big fan!

              You said you would need to put in a sprinkler if you made a solid roof. How many feet is it in your locality before you need a sprinkler?


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                160 square feet


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                  Originally posted by elowther View Post
                  160 square feet
                  Thanks! I was curious.

                  What awesome progress! What quality! In a few years you're literally going to have a Halloween theme park!
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                    nice work as usual
                    Larry Kirchner


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                      It all looks awesome. I wish I had a block of woods next to my haunt to do something with


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                        Not too much time to post nowadays but here are a few more.

                        Inside the mouth of a new gigantic creature.

                        Burning the midnight oil, very first layer of wood slabs going on. Many more to go.


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                          Eric you are my hero- great looking work.


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                            Thanks Allen!

                            I can't take credit for the gypsy wagon. Rae Enslin, our costume director and other volunteers did that.
                            I think it came out great! I love having talented people on the team doing their own projects. It's totally different than what I would do and it gives the haunt some good variety. I designed that giant cactus looking head but it's a team effort many hands went into the building of this. I don't want to show too much of it until it's finished but it looks insane when you come around the corner of the trail even in this unfinished state. There is a mock up a few pages back it will have giant horns sticking out of it made from foam and painted white.


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                              Incredible work Eric, well done!



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                                This is what is on the back side of the giant cactus head. Grain silo/ ticket booth below. Entrance into Death Junction.

                                Stencils for the ticket booth.

                                Start of the giant train tunnel facade.

                                Awesome looking sign done by Bill Kennedy, the circus ringleader.