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2012 HAUNTED OVERLOAD progress thread

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    Progress is going well. Laying out the roof trusses for a caboose, part of our new Death Junction scene.

    Caboose in progress.

    This is really cool! We had a Memorial day cookout at the haunt. This is my father 70 and my grandfather who turns 103 in two weeks. on the caboose. He got a real kick out of it. I am using his giant saw blade for the saw mill scene this year. Check out the
    train horn, lol!

    It's hard work making new buildings look old, lol!

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      Always, Always. Always!!!

      Awsome man that's all I can say! Shane and it's just AWSOME! Shane!


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        Brillant! Im always blown away from this thread due to the vision and organazation that goes into the build. Happy Birthday to Grandpa!


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          Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing.

          Very nice and inspirational.
          What advice does Grandpa have for the rest of us to see 103?
          Many years ago (as in a past life!) I was working in the house of a 95 yr. old man. His "secret" to his longevity was as follows:
          "I never smoked.
          I never drank.
          And I never let anything bother me....(There;s the tough one!)
          He lived a block from my Parent's house and within that tiny neighborhood also lived his two sisters !(In their own houses)


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            I'm with Jim. Grandpa looks great for 103. I think you need to take the show on the road. You need to come to the Midwest so we can get a better view. It should be an easy road trip, not like your props are that big and all.:-P Thanks for sharing the pics with us. Dan


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              Your builds always look AWESOME! If I could pick one haunt to own out of the entire haunt world forums, it would be yours (with all due respect to the other awesome haunts out there!).

              You'd better hope you never tick-off the owner of the farm... Can you imagine having to move all those giant structures to a new location?!?


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                Our Memorial Day cookout at the haunt was a blast. Here is Dan after too much to eat.
                From this angle it looks like he fell off the 3 story tower, lol!

                I totally ran out of time last year to start the sawmill scene. Finally starting it now.
                Using my grandfathers giant saw blades will make it very authentic looking to say the least.

                I bought 8 piles of distressed lumber from a local saw mill. This pile is like a gold mine to be used for the main beams.

                Late night sinking the first few beams.



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                  The structure is starting to take shape.

                  See what I mean about these old beams, they look awesome? They even smell old, you would swear the structure had
                  been there for years. This will be an open air concept design. The walls will be high so you will still get the feeling on enclosure. I want it to look like the frame and walls of an old barn that had partially caved in with the old sawmill inside.

                  Starting the carrier for the mill. I'm glad we had this giant beam, it looks so authentic.

                  The carrier taking shape. The new wood is for structure and will be covered with distressed lumber to look good.
                  Check out my grandfathers contraption in the lower right corner. He used to use it for welding supplies and the
                  compressor mounted on top for painting. Now it, the blade and some of the wood that he sawed with it are all in the haunt.
                  I can't wait to show him the finished photos of the mill.



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                    We have many projects going on at once now. Here are a few more in progress.
                    I like these small sheds because they go up fast and add a lot of detail to the haunt. Patrons wont even go in this one. I call it creative fencing. This building will provide a blockade and even more sense of enclosure in the hillbilly section.

                    Working on the tin roof.

                    Looking pretty creepy now and didn't take long to complete.

                    The caboose is getting there as well. I can't wait to start making this look old and rundown. While building this, a friend told me about an old caboose in the woods of Connecticut where she grew up. Indians had over run the train, scalped everyone aboard, threw some in the coal furnace etc. The train was just jeft there and the trees all grew up around it. I thought I may
                    use that as inspiration for a back story to our Death Junction scene.

                    The inside of this will act as an actor staging area / make up room on the inside of the haunt for touch ups etc.



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                      In a word BITCHING!!!!! love, love, love it! Shane and it's imma coming to see ya place! Shane


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                        LOVE THE ORIGINAL IDEAS. nobody is doing THIS kind of stuff !!!!!!

                        absolutely incredible, ERIC. Love the photos !!!!!! keep them coming !!!!!


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                          I love the progress pictures....every time I see more it gets be biting at the bit to hear back from our guy about the land we are pursuing!!! Keep up the great work!!!


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                            Fricken awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                              Thanks guys. Here are a few more.

                              Entrance to the sawmill.

                              This power auger will be the death of me. Many rocks and roots to contend with. Good workout though, lol!

                              Building a small loft inside the barn.

                              The entrance is looking pretty cool now. Photo taken today.


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                                Great as always!