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    Originally posted by badlander2000 View Post
    I didn't know all the houses are on the same property. Do you consider them three different haunts or three elements of a single haunt?
    They are all on the same property located on 33 acres off in the country in a century old plantation home, barn and later constructed building. The driveway alone is a quarter mile dirt road leading to our parking lot. They are three separate haunts that are somewhat tied together with the true history of the houses dating as far back as the early 1900's. Reindeer Manor was established in 1974, It's a theatrical haunted attraction complete with pyrotechnics, 13th Street Morgue is a 12,000 sq ft walk thru attraction who's story ties in with the history of the property and Dungeon Of Doom, established in 1989, is a classic walk thru attraction that was later resurrected on the property in a separate building. They are all completely different in design and theme as to provide something for every type of customer who attends the park.
    Daniel Burnett
    Reindeer Manor Halloween Park: Est. 1974
    13th Street Morgue/Dungeon Of Doom/Reindeer Manor