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And Another New Pale Night Productions Sneak Peek!

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  • And Another New Pale Night Productions Sneak Peek!

    Alright we go again. This week we are releasing A Woman Scorned. A Woman Scorned is very similar to The Maniac which we relased last week in that it has not one but three triggered video effects in one prop so each guest sees a different effect. In this case, the woman in the portrait either shoots the man, slits his throat, or bites a chunk out of his neck. Each action produces blood spurts that are accompanied by blasts of water. Here's the link:

    This is the second of three new portraits in this line that, as we mentioned last week, are the first of their kind that offer three unique triggered videos that play in one prop giving each guest a different experience.

    Hope everyone enjoys this new offering. We will be releasing the third and final portrait in this series next Friday so be sure to check back for that. And, as always, please like us on facebook ( and be sure to follow us on twitter (PaleNight_Kip)! Thanks and we can't wait to see everyone here in St. Louis for Transworld 2012. We're in booths 423 and 523! See you there...
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    Kip learn how to embed a video.
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