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Attention Haunt Owners, now is the time..

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  • Attention Haunt Owners, now is the time..

    To be designing and then building a thing you will really need about at the end of October for your own sanity and extreme enjoyment. I have mine pretty well along right now, so I can coast into October knowing that my new secret hiding place here, for just me to hide in, and then scare the hell out of my employees, is ready and waiting .....
    One year I pulled myself straight up into some rafters above the exit walkway, when I snatched the bowler from the head of my tour guide, he fell straight DOWN on the floor in a fraction of a heartbeat!
    This happened with all the lights "ON", and he was just asking another employee here if "someone" had been touching people on top of their heads in this area?
    SO, he was not alone, he was not in a dimly lit area and I STILL Got Him!
    (Who could have guessed that "Old Jim" could jump up, grab those rafters and pull myself straight up into that small space?
    (I'm not sure I would have previously guessed that I could do that!)
    I guess that all I can blame (or credit it to?) it on is "Inspiration!"

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    Isn't it great when you can get your employees as well ? I mean they should be used to anything working in a haunt and BAM ! you can still make them feel like an average


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      Even My Wife Too!

      Sometimes gets a very strange mask or costume, puts it on and harrasses the employees and they won't have a clue that it's her until the mask comes off!
      Before I met her she did an incredible "Pin Head" make up, bald cap each nail stuck in it's right location. How she did this on herself I don't know? It sure looks good in the photos! .. Then she had to use a rest room, walked into the "Womens" room, looking like Pinhead, and a girl in there was suddenly Very Nervous!