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Got a gig as usher at Super Bowl and sitting in orientation last night...

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  • graystone
    Sounds Fun

    One of my coaches will be there. The Colts owner and his family lease it when they play away games but I have to send a bus and driver up for this one home game. I may ride up with my driver I have not decided yet! Shane and it's wow will be a long day! Shane

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  • JamBam
    How did you know about background check?

    Yes, Jim we passed the first simple criminal check and got hired. We filled out the form for the FBI background check and must have passed because we got hired and the invite for the orientation.

    Amazing amount of planning on all sides for this event. Pretty cool seeing this side of it.

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  • Jim Warfield
    Brett, So... you must have...

    Passed your criminal backround check? To work there?
    I heard the security people there had been closely checking you guys because an alert went out, inside information said possibly The Whoopie-cushion prankster was planning to rig many seats that day.

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  • austind

    We have been working on the graphics on the JW for over a week now the rain and wind have made it tough. But hearing that people like it makes the long days worth it. Funny I never thought that I would be talking Super Bowl on the forum. Thanks we hope to finish tomorrow if the weather will give us a break. Will post a pic when done so people can see what we are talking about.


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  • Got a gig as usher at Super Bowl and sitting in orientation last night...

    OK, the good news is I will be a the Super Bowl.. The bad news is the Green Bay Packers were sent home for not showing up for work against the Giants. I don't care who wins now. In fact, I am rooting for a tie as I really don't want either team to get another SB win. LOL

    The Indy SB committee and NFL are taking over everything near the stadium, including a 130 year old bean factory and the post office. They are both moving for 2 weeks. The 50 story banner on the marriot near the stadium looks impressive with the Lombardi trophy the only visual on it.

    A friend of mine volunteered to be on the stage crew for the Madonna half time show. He will see her twice in rehearsals and then teh big show. COOL huh? His job is to basically plug in the stage peice that his team pushes out to the center. He has to be on the field at the 35 yard line with 2 minutes left in the half.

    My job and another friend are working "guest services". That means anything from checking tickets, giving directions, checking badges into various venues or events including the 10,000 person NFL vip "tailgate" party, and ushering. We are hoping for field pass checkers so we will be on the field. The assignments aren't made until you check in on game day. Sound familiar? LOL Pay is minimal and will cover gas and meals.

    Last night was our orientation with the stadium tour and training. I sat there making mental notes about how we also try to do many of the same things as far as training our actors and volunteers. Learned a few things to help our event and made notes so that is a bonus!!

    Game day, we get there at 10 am for several hours of general and area specific training and more oreintation including emergency evacuation rules and awareness. Then hit our positions and rotations til 11pm. Maybe see a few celebs and the GAME!!

    Look for me! I will be the guy in kahki pants and royal blue uniform shirt. Only a few hundred of us!!