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    ez 8

    Brian to answer your question about the ez 8. The thing I like best about the ez 8 is you can set the switch on any of the 8 channels and just change that channel without effecting any of the other programs. It was my experience with the boo box that you had to reprogram both channels if you wanted to modify the program.
    This was a major disappointment to me if I liked the way the "B" channel was programmed but wasnt happy with the "A" channel. A total reprogram was necessary.
    The ez 8 on the other hand can be modified separately and simply by pushing buttons just like the boo box.
    The ez 8 is a little intimidating when you look at it but its easy to use and a great product that I highly recommend.
    Check them out at the show.! They also have an amplified sound system you have to hear to believe.

    Greg Allen


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      Thanks Greg, I will have to check out the EZ-8 at the show next month. Regarding the 8 Channel BooBox Flex. If you want to make a small change to a separate channel, there is an enable button on the programmer which allows you to select. For example, I have a Scare Factory T-Rex and we noticed that the mouth action wasnít quit lining up with the audio track. With the programmer, I enabled channel 5 (mouth) and re programed the action without disturbing the rest of the show. It took about 30 seconds to make the change.

      Regarding PicoBoo 2 channel controllers, we use those for Animations, Lighting, and startle effects. With those the enable button isnít really necessary in this case since you only have 2 channels to work with. For example, if you were to use this controller for a simple animatronic. You would have your channel set for the Attack (Lunge, Pop Up, Fly, Etc.) and the other channel for the Action.

      We also created this office scene which had 2 faux florescent bulbs from on both sides of the room. I used the PicoJr to control the flicker and was able to use 1 power supply to power the controller and the 2 lights. The show is only about 15 seconds long but I used a jumper wire to put in the trigger which loops the show over and over. The whole thing (controller, Bulbs, fixtures and wire) cost me about $150 at Transworld and about 30 minutes to install. An Effect Worth It!

      Brian Mudgett
      Scream Apocalypse
      Vancouver, WA