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    I have had a haunt for 2 years now. I am now changing my name to Haunt B mainly due to improvements to my Haunt. I thought along the lines of Haunt A presents Haunt B as well. I don't want to loose 2 years of patrons over a little confusion.

    I am also changing my name because a nearby haunt copied one of my flyers. Told them I didn't want to be affiliated. They said it wouldn't happen and didn't care because they had more to gain than loose. As the season went on I had a couple people ask if we were affiliated with the other haunt. Geez... Even had a couple of stores where our flyers were side by side on the counter. Looked like a couple of twinkies. They copied the size and layout of everything on my flyer. If I had a calendar then they had one the same size and in the same place on their flyer. If I had a skull then they had one in the same spot as well even though it is a different skull. If I had a map then they had a map in the same place. Even had the same background colors.

    I have a .com for my new name as well as incorporated. I even filed for trademark protection. If someone comes close to using my name or graphic designs then I will make them change it. I am having to redesign my flyers to make them too damn hard to copy without having to open your wallet up.
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