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Foam Room? input?

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  • Foam Room? input?

    I saw a haunt on tv a while back with people running out covered in foam. The people seemed to be having a great time,
    I looked is up and found these foam machines that fill a room with foam. The foam is nothing more then dish soap and water,
    but I didnt know if it would mess up someones clothes or someones phone is their pocket. I like the idea but I wanted to if anyone has done this in thier haunt or know anyone who has, or any input at all!

    Haunt man

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    I see these at 'kids haunt' events where they have a pool of spewing foam and the kids are running through it. I have found it difficult to simply brush the foam off clothing easily, especially shoes that track it into the next area. I can imagine that it would get uncomfortable if the weather was chilly...


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      I personally would find it annoying if I had to be coated with foam if I had no choice in the matter. But then I am not even a big fan of being sprayed with water. A mist is one thing, but I was at a haunt last year and by the time I got out of the room both me and the person I was with were soaked. Not a fun thing. I would definitely put a notice up front that foam is being used.



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        Since it is soap i would think that it would get slippery after a while. law suit waiting to happen. just my point of view.
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          Cutting Edge in Fort Worth Texas is famous for there foam at the end of the haunt. It's actually a great effect. With the foam over your head and all around you feel like your suffocating when your really not. It does make you wet but it's not soap. Not sure what they use.