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  • Planning Haunted House Road Trip

    I'm planning a road trip to visit the biggest 15-20 haunted houses in the south and east coast in October 2014. Any suggestions of where to stop?

    I was thinking of starting in Texas and hitting Cutting Edge, Phobia, & House of Torment
    Then going east to Louisiana (13th Gate), and then Alabama (Disturbia & Atrox Factory), then Georgia (Netherworld),

    Then hitting the Jacksonville, FL haunt and then traveling north to visit the haunts in South Carolina, North Carolina, and then skipping Virginia to visit haunts in Pennsylvania and New York.

    Any suggestions/changes?

    I only get to see like 15-20 haunts because I can only visit one per night, assuming they are in driving distance of each other...and most haunts are only open on the weekends...So I'll have to plan it just right.


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    When passing though the Carolinas, make sure you go up I-77 and I-85 and hit all the big haunts in the Charlotte and Triad regions. would be a good reference point. I would definitely recommend hitting Campground Massacre in Rock Hill SC, NC Fright Factory in Charlotte, The Haunted Mill in Belmont, Spookywoods in High Point, Woods of Terror and X-Treme Fear in Greensboro, and Hacker House in Pilot Mt. * You can easily hit 3-4 of these each night.

    *These are merely my opinions and I receive no compensation for these plugs...


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      Feel free to stop in and we will show you around!! Shane and it's Shane Dabbs owner of DiStUrBiA! Shane!


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        "Warehouse 31"

        When you are in Florida stop by "warehouse 31" I hear its really good! Its located in St. Augustine (45 min. or so away)
        Chris Riehl


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          Open Right Now! Jan.24th 2012

          In downtown Mount Carroll, ill., 10 miles from the Miss. River, 35 miles from Wisc. due west of Chicago on rt. 64 (North Ave. )
          On Fangoria's "20 Best Hometowm Haunts " list 2009.
          On the cover and inside National Geographic World 1996.
          On Hauntworld's Best Haunts list.
          On Comedy Centrals Show "Travel Sick"
          On HG-TV show "Extreme Homes"
          In the book "Odd-Ball Illinois" (Wonder why?) Because this old haunted Inn is very unique and a very different house tour experience and has always been doing it's own t h i n g. . . . . .
          25 years , open almost every night and Sat. and Sun, afternoons.
          We pass around the fun here and have even actually scared some of the haunt owners you have on your "to see" list!


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            I dont' think there are any big haunts in South Carolina or Virginia or none that I have heard of anyway.

            Depends on where you live where you start...

            It might be fun to map that out ... where is your starting point.

            Larry Kirchner


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              Sounds awesome Jim, but this first trip isn't going near Illinois, sorry. I would love to see it some day though. Oh and I'll be sure to check out those great ones in NC. I live in California, but my plan is to fly into Dallas and fly back from New York after driving the distance. Would any other configuration be better to see the greatest haunts? It's a shame there are no actual rating of haunted houses from people who have been to ALL or most of them...because you truly can't say a haunted house is the best unless you've seen them all. I plan to be writing about each one I go to in depth and comparing.

              So I have no way of actually knowing which haunts are the best in the country. HauntWorld's top 13 haven't actually had someone visit the haunts and compare...i think it's just from who is signed up to the magazine, ect. Correct me if I'm wrong.

              Nathan w Fear Overload


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                Another reviewer just what we need! I visit quite a few haunts each year but no matter how much I like or dislike them it's my opinion and I realize one haunt could be great but you go on a bad night etc. my point is, it's my opinion and doesn't mean I need to do a site or blog and rate them my opinion isn't important to anyone but me and maybe my family.

                Virginia has some pretty good haunts. Spend a couple days in PA there are quite a few really big ones up there in the Philly area.



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                  SC Fear Farm

                  We are in SC just minutes from I-85 on your way to Charlotte, NC. If you like "theme park" haunts you could go to Scarowinds in Charlotte on an off night and Spookywoods and some of the bigger ones are open on Thursdays etc. which will allow you to save the weekends for others. We are not a "big" haunt with 50,000 customers in SC but by 2014 we hope to at least offer 3 attractions at one location, so come check us out, we are only 4 miles from the interstate and 5 miles from NC......SC is not a completely non-haunt state.


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                    Philly haunts

                    If your in the Philly area you can visit at least two haunt, maybe three at night and tour two during the daytime.
                    Check out Phil


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                      Originally posted by NateTheGreat View Post
                      I'm planning a road trip to visit the biggest 15-20 haunted houses in the south and east coast in October 2014. Any suggestions of where to stop?

                      and then skipping Virginia to visit haunts in Pennsylvania and New York.

                      Any suggestions/changes?

                      Yes. You shouldn't skip Virginia! We might not have a 40,000+-patron-a-season haunt yet (not counting Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens), but there are still some quality attractions that put on great shows (and who knows what will come around in 2014?).

                      One in particular: DarkWood Manor ( You will not be disappointed visiting this amazing haunt.

                      Check out for a list of the best in the Commonwealth. We have a bunch of dedicated haunters in this state working our tails off trying to grow haunting in the region. Hope you'll add Virginia to your haunt tour.