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Who has more attendance National Haunters Con or HauntCon?

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  • George Maser
    Thank you!

    What I needed to know, Thanks.

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  • drfrightner
    The thing is the main show is Transworld that is where all the real meat and potatoes is at... I think the main reason you attend the other shows is to see haunted houses that you don't normally get to see. Personally I think Hauntcon is the best of them all because it travels from city to city so every single year you'll get different haunted house tours. MHC seems like they really stretch the limit to see new haunts each year and keep coming up with new and exciting places to go... however they are still limited to what is reasonable driving from Columbus.

    I think more than anything most of the people who go attend to have a good time, which I'm sure they have a great time. I'm betting that almost everyone will tell you that had more fun at MHC than the Transworld show, but no one would say MHC is more important to their business than TW.

    I think MHC has the most attendance of any of the shows actually probably even more than TW or the same or slightly less... but no matter how you slice it or dice it it boils down to who you are, where you are at in this business, what you are trying to acheive and where you want to go.

    Then you can better decide what is best for you. I don't think NHC has much attendance, many vendors, or much in the line of haunt tours, but Hauntcon doesn't have a ton of vendors either or boat loads of attendance its not about who has the most people its about what they are offering and what it means to you personally or to your business.

    Maybe they have a haunt you want to see, or seminars you would like to attend or whatever then GO!


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  • HauntedPaws
    Regardless of attendance Hauntcon has a bigger venue and a better internet presence. They have space to grow and other then some weak SEO I would go to that one.
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  • Who has more attendance National Haunters Con or HauntCon?

    Wondering which has the bigger show/